Ever wonder where liberal protestors get their money?

It’s an all too seldom reported story. Television stories create the illusion that liberal activism is a purely populist, purely egalitarian endeavor – lots of ordinary folks so riled up over an issue that they’ve momentarily abandoned their normal routine to march with a sign they just made.

But just as millions of us who plug away at our jobs have begun to enjoy lower pump prices, recent apparently grassroots attacks on our fracking industry may, in fact, be partially funded by Russian oil interests. The Washington Free Beacon has uncovered a tangled connection between a firm in Bermuda and U.S. environmental groups that oppose fracking.

A shadowy Bermudan company that has funneled tens of millions of dollars to anti-fracking environmentalist groups in the United States is run by executives with deep ties to Russian oil interests and offshore money laundering schemes involving members of President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle.

One of those executives, Nicholas Hoskins, is a director at a hedge fund management firm that has invested heavily in Russian oil and gas. He is also senior counsel at the Bermudan law firm Wakefield Quin and the vice president of a London-based investment firm whose president until recently chaired the board of the state-owned Russian oil company Rosneft.

In addition to those roles, Hoskins is a director at a company called Klein Ltd. No one knows where that firm’s money comes from. Its only publicly documented activities have been transfers of $23 million to U.S. environmentalist groups that push policies that would hamstring surging American oil and gas production, which has hurt Russia’s energy-reliant economy.

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