The United States president has a foreign policy record of nearly unalloyed failure. His only plus was the killing of bin Laden. He and Hillary Clinton would add Qaddafi, but that had a different impact. It was an ugly and brutal and merciless act that was utterly unnecessary. But Hillary wanted her pound of flesh and she got it and Obama got to share in bragging rights. The errors or complete absence of judgment by Obama and his underlings Clinton and Kerry are not just huge bloopers, they are milestones of Obama’s presidential career. The boners resulted from ballyhooed humanitarian and progressive policies, like helping birth the Arab Spring here and there (Libya? Egypt? Syria?). Or making world peace by cozying up to about-to-be-nuclear Iran without wresting any significant concessions from the Imams. The plus part where Iran gives up the capability to nuke the world apparently is in the future, just after we balance the budget.

Most recently the Dude shook Castro’s hand, just managing not to bow, and flirted with one of the two people with whom he was chatting at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, while I think the other two were flirting with each other. They looked like an ad: “The Love Boat in Romantic South Africa, Where Anything Can Happen!”

Who can forget that major embarrassment for Hillary Clinton who, with a vast left-wing bureaucracy behind her, was unable to find the right word to tell the Russians that it was time for a reset of relations. Her Russian interlocutor advised that she was using the wrong word. She had chosen “reload” rather than “reset.” He didn’t seem to find it funny. But this could happen to anybody with an entire school of interpreters at her beck and call. Really. And remember: this woman wants to be President.

We have got our equally stupid clueless president saying, after a spat with the Russian President, that Putin acts like a schoolboy. But Putin is a feisty little Russian to his toes, with those slightly Mongol eyes. Obama (surprise!) rubbed him the wrong way and then he insulted him publicly and now Putin has demonstrated that nothing is sweeter than revenge. He will thwart the US where it satisfies Russia’s interests and without a care for the US position. He will compete with us in the global political arena. Russia is making a resurgence diplomatically in the Arab world and I believe is working busily in Latin America. Asia is very much a major concern and interest. Russia is largely driven, like most other countries, by market concerns. They get a foothold, along come other investors and holiday-makers, and then come the politics. Right now they’re trying to widen markets for their goods, some of them military. If the US wants to start trouble in Ukraine, Russia has its own measures. The Great Game is on again.

In Asia, China has made US weakness into the propaganda of China’s strength, and so far so good for China. China’s empire is growing by decree by leaps and bounds, and it’s the US that looks weak and wobbly. America seems unsure of what it believes in anymore. It is throwing its military weight around fruitlessly and without purpose. Two jets to show China we’re serious? Now we’re ship-to-ship out there in the vast Pacific. What’s next? Taiwan?

And in order to meet this military challenge, the US prez is purging the US military of many of its best and brightest. The goal, far from met, is to make the military more pliant to “civilian” (political) mind control. But they can get where they want to go, just give them time.

When did this incredible slide into mediocrity and something worse begin? I think this is the end of a long barely felt slide that ends with a big bump. Truman had us in Korea, Eisenhower had a few minor military forays as a show of force, Kennedy took us to Vietnam, Reagan had his proxy war in Nicaragua but no US troops and a few successful forays here and there. Bill Clinton opened the door to One World Government with his use of the UN and NATO as covers for humanitarian wars, where every crisis somewhere else is a reason for the US to intervene, militarily if necessary, and then to rebuild the countries involved. Then came Bush and Iraq and Afghanistan. And the expansion of the government and its power over the individual. And now we have Obama, who made Afghanistan his war and then failed miserably. Who brought us low around the world and gave us Benghazi, where the story that is emerging is one of the ugliest, stupidest, most criminal acts of government ever. Imagine our president putting the finishing touch to his white tie and getting the word that there were Americans down in Benghazi and others in terrible danger. Can’t you hear him say with just that bit of irritation, ‘I don’t wanna talk about any bad news right now. This is a big money deal in Vegas, and that’s all I’m gonna focus on. Tell ‘em to do what they gotta do and don’t bother me with it. I’ll have a look tomorrow.” How about Hillary Clinton? Where the heck was the Secretary of State? First she dropped off the map for about a month and a half or two and then she got all kinds of accolades from the entire US Senate, including those lions of foreign policy John McCain and Lindsay Graham, even while giving the finger to all the victims of Benghazi by declaring what difference does it make why those Americans died? Or as Kathleen Sibelius might add, “Some people live, some people die.”

And today we have civil wars simmering or active in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Egypt, and elsewhere in the now-aflame regions of the Middle East and North Africa. Our refusal to allow the parties to civil war to settle their grudges and our meddling has led to the renewal of all the fighting as we withdraw from the scene in one place and insert ourselves elsewhere. We are now being sucked into Central Africa. We’re chasing the harebrained French into the jaws of hell, for what exactly? The president has no idea. The chaos spreads.

Today Barack Obama, the make-believe man, is president of the United States. He’s in way over his head and he’s acting like the class smartass in the last period of the day. He’s having a ball on the taxpayer dime and couldn’t care less about the lessons or the homework. He just wants to be the big shot in all those places where admiration for him might linger, if only nostalgically. At home and abroad, he’ll let his pals push the full-left agenda and he’ll do the public appearances to help out, but he’s not really that interested. He’s coasting and The Machine is doing all the work. Around the globe, America is in disrepute. It will be a long time repairing this damage, if we ever get the chance. But I’m glad we’re safer than we were under George W. Bush, aren’t you?