Great Holiday Reads

Written on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Nathaniel Davidson

A major reason for the disastrous November election results was mentioned in my post- election satirical column Democrat’s Thanksgiving. That is, the Dems have been indoctrinating Americans for decades with their lies and misinformation through their Education Wing—the government School System; and their Propaganda Wing—Hollywood and the mainstream media.

Patriots should certainly not expose their kids to the Democrat Indoctrinators any more—get your kids out of the government schools now. (I suppose there is a new excuse now: “Someone has to witness to the crazed gunman.”) But meanwhile, Patriots should keep themselves informed of the truth. One of the best ways is the old-fashioned one—reading. So here is my own suggestion for some good holiday reading.

The Vision of the Anointed byThomas Sowell

Dr Sowell, an economist by training, is one of the leading conservative thinkers and writers in the world today. His books and columns cover a huge range of topics in depth, including race and culture (leftists accused him of being a racist before they realized he’s African-American; now he’s an Uncle Tom), free markets vs. poverty, guns vs. crime, pacifism vs. peace. His book Knowledge and Decisions was praised by three Nobel Laureates in economics as a top study on how bureaucrats, politicians, and judges are just as selfish as anyone else, but are immune from the corrective feedback of the markets. I’ll recommend two others, although all are good:

Although The Vision of the Anointed was written in 1995, this is the best book if you want to understand how liberals, the self-appointed Anointed, think about themselves and their opponents. He shows how they make up crisis after crisis to justify imposing their ideas, yet in many cases, the alleged problems were resolving themselves, and the liberal “solutions” made things worse, just as their opponents said they would. But then the Anointed make excuses or shift the goalposts. Sowell documents this for poverty, crime, teen pregnancies and racial discrimination (nowadays he would include global warm-mongering alarmism, as he has in recent columns). See also one of my early columns, How the Left has always exploited “crisis,” indebted to his book.

The liberal Anointed also butcher statistics dishonestly. This is behind false claims that lenders discriminate against blacks, since the same figures would show that lenders discriminate against whites in favor of Asians. This is highly relevant, because this was a major factor behind the housing crisis (the topic of yet another Sowell book, The Housing Boom and Bust).

It is also behind the common liberal anti-marriage mantra that half of all marriages end in divorce: the stats actually showed that in a given year, there were half as many divorces as marriages. Of course, the stats for marriage were only for marriage that began that year, while the divorces were for marriages that had begun any year previously. So this was like noting that there were twice as many births as deaths one year, then claiming that half the population was going to die any year!

No They Can’t by John Stossel

The TV presenter John Stossel is one of the clearest exponents of libertarian philosophy today. The great economist Dr. Milton Friedman called him, “that rare creature, a TV commentator who understands economics, in all its subtlety,” although Stossel humbly disagrees. Now I have some disagreements about Libertarianism as I’ve explained, because the free market/small government is only one of the three legs of the school of conservatism.

However, when it comes to explaining the subtitle of the book, “Why government Fails, but Individuals Succeed,” none make it cleareer than Stossel. He actually started life as a left-wing consumer reporter, thinking that government and the trial lawyers protected consumers. In reality, time and time again, he observed, these both made things worse. Rather, he found that corporations, at least those not in bed with government, improved their goods and services because the market—millions of free choices by consumers—forced them to.

The book comprises very easy bite-sized sections contrasting “What intuition tempts us to believe” [we need government to fix the problem] followed by “What reality taught me” [basically: government sucks; free market does everything better]. Even what most people think are good examples of government intervention actually hurt. E.g. we need government to preserve endangered species, vs. nothing eaten or otherwise privately owned goes extinct; the American Disabilities Act caused unemployment of disabled people to go up, since they became legal liabilities; not regulation but competition keeps business honest; food producers make their products far more hygienic than the government requires so people will buy it. Stossel drives home with point after point: human society is just too complex to be controlled; that is what Nobel Prize-winning economist Hayek called “the fatal conceit.”

See this interview about the book:

Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, by Ann Coulter

Thomas Sowell wrote, “Dorothy Parker’s sharp-witted writings used to cut through a lot of nonsense. Ann Coulter is the Dorothy Parker of our time—an industrial strength Dorothy Parker.” Her latest book documents the great harm that liberals have done to blacks in particular, with disastrous effects on America as a whole.

Of course, this would never work without serious revisionism of American history as a whole. Coulter documents that it was Democrats who defended slavery and formed the KKK, then made the Jim Crow laws and filibustered civil rights legislation (see also The Left’s War on Blacks). While the Left now claims they were “conservative Democrats,” actually they were liberals. E.g. the late Robert C. Byrd (KKK, WV) also loved abortion and was infamous for his pork-barrelling.

Conversely, the Republican Party was formed to abolish slavery, and President Eisenhower actually moved to desegregate the military, federal government, and government schools. His vice president Nixon lost to Kennedy in a dubious election, but began his political comeback with a powerful column bashing the Dems for trying “to squeeze the last ounces of political juice out of the rotting fruits of racial injustice.” His later impeachment was led by segregationist Democrat Sam Ervin. Nixon chose a rookie for a running mate, Spiro Agnew, mainly because “he had passed some of the bans on racial discrimination in public housing—before the federal laws—and then beaten segregationist George Mahoney for governor of Maryland in 1966.” The NRA was also instrumental in arming blacks against the KKK.

But later Dems harmed blacks by welfare and excusing their crimes—mainly against other blacks. They also made up examples of white-on-black crime, such as false rape accusations by Crystal Mangum (now on trial for murder) against the Duke University Lacrosse players, Tawana Brawley, and now Trayvon Martin. One of the worst was the doctored video tape of cops beating Rodney King, which the liberal networks played over and over again. The first jury, who saw the whole tape, acquitted the cops (Thomas Sowell agrees they were right). But liberals, including LA Mayor Tom Bradley and President George H.W. Bush, who did not see the whole tape, attacked the verdict. They, like liberal agitators such as Democrat politician Maxine Waters, must bear some responsibility for the horrible LA riots that followed (April 1992)—over 50 dead, plus more than 2,000 injured, and over $1 billion in property damage. Another was the widespread black cheering for the OJ Simpson acquittal, which finally removed a lot of white guilt.

But not all. Now of course we have the disastrous combination of white liberal guilt and black racism leading to the election—and re-election—of the worst president in history.