Worried that we might not get any more pearls of wisdom from Sheriff Joe Biden, after being sent to the doghouse for distracting attention from Team Obama attacks on Paul Ryan’s fitness by making people wonder whether Barack Obama needed to find a new running mate himself? Fret no longer. CBS’ Mark Knoller informed us on Twitter that Biden will be, er, unchained this week for appearances in Minnesota and Michigan:

Or, as Biden knows them, Wisconsin and Ohio. Seriously, though, the choices of venue are interesting. Both could potentially be swing states in this election, although Minnesota’s more of a long shot for that status. A few more Biden miscues could put them further into play for Mitt Romney. It might have been safer to send Biden to places like California and New York for fundraisers, where his verbal missteps would do less damage, but in this era of total media saturation, venue probably doesn’t make that much difference.

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