The plot was to take place during the Jewish New Year Holiday, Rosh Hashanah, celebrated September 24-26. Hundreds of heavily armed Hamas fighters would have spilled out into the streets of Israel in the dead of night and within minutes been positioned to infiltrate Israeli communities surrounding Gaza strip. Waiting in hiding until schools, businesses and kindergartens were occupied, the terrorists with surprise would attempt to kill the children first, then kidnap or kill as many Israelis as possible. The terrorist had previously placed explosives under the daycares for maximum death, damage and hysteria.

Tunnels were logistically placed in pairs to empty out on both sides of nearby communities. As IDF soldiers, parents and neighbors rushed to help the children the 2nd explosion would go off annihilating entire neighborhoods, soldiers and families. This strategic attack was meant to generate as many as ten thousand civilian fatalities and hundreds of captives. Confirmed information according to Israeli security forces from captured brigand’s in interrogations.

Without the ground operation searching every inch of land for the June kidnapping of three Israeli teens exposing the tunnel entrance we would have woke up Sept. 24th to an Israeli 911 but 5 times worse. Those teens gave their lives unknowingly allowing us to foul Hamas’ plan saving the destruction of Israel.

An IDF Officer described the tunnels as almost entirely hidden on the surface, intricate as a labyrinth and some dug as deep as 120ft. A lot of them originate below apartment buildings in the middle of Gaza, in daycares, and some open up underneath Mosque’s. “Unlike tunnels I had seen during the Iraq War that was designed for smuggling rockets and weapons in and people out, these Hamas “terror tunnels” are designed for launching murder and kidnapping raids. One three-mile-long tunnel was strengthened and fortified with re-enforced concrete, lined with telephone wires, electricity, ventilated and included cabins necessary for (holding and torturing) hostages.” WSJ-General James Conway

Some of these tunnels were stocked with huge quantities of explosives stacked in boxes from floor to ceiling reported an Israeli military official. Among the other arsenal contents were 1,000’s of ampules of drugs including tranquilizers, syringes, ropes, handcuffs and other materials used for subduing abductees. Many of these tunnels were wide enough to allow motorized vehicles through by simply removing the side mirrors.

Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, IDF stated, “These tunnels are all connected underground like the Metro or the Subway. I would describe it as (Lower Gaza).” Local Israeli TV news reported that there may be as many as [5,000] administrative, command, logistical or communication tunnels crisscrossing under Gaza. No one in Israel, public or military was prepared for the scope of these tunnels, allowing Hamas to move underground all across Gaza…the city under the city, comprised of terror tunnels.“

What many don’t know since the new regime took over Egypt last year is over 1200 tunnels were found [beneath Egypt and Gaza’s] border as well as tunnels beneath their border and Lebanon. Aaron Klein, world net daily, wrote, “The Shite terrorist organization is known for its vast, sophisticated tunnel networks in Lebanon. Indeed Hezbollah taught Hamas its [tunnel warfare tactics] and helped supervise the construction of its network.”

In 2011 a federal grand jury in the U.S. indicted Ayman Joumaa for distributing cocaine and laundering money. He was part of a large Lebanese community in Mexico and Central America (where a sizable portion of illegals crossing our borders are from). He is a known associate of Hezbollah and a drug kingpin of (Mexican/Colombian) Los Zetas drug cartel. We don’t know how many Islamic terrorist crossed our border [behind the shield] of children but 87% (13-18 yr.) juveniles with gang tattoos did. Note, not all Islamic radicals had to sneak across our border; hundreds have U.S. passports.

Hezbollah’s chief ally Iran (displays its hatred of Israel and the U.S.) and has built intricate concrete fortified “rocket buster” tunnels to continue enriching nuclear bomb materials through Hezbollah’s expertise. Another friend of Hezbollah with vast, elaborate tunnel networks is North Korea.

The tunnels our Border patrol found for human trafficking and drug delivery below the U.S. and Mexico are not as complex as Hezbollah tunnels in Gaza, due in part to lack of finances and distracted by thousands flooding our open border. Texas border extends for 1900 miles and at best is protected with eyes at ground level. Camouflaged openings just inside our border can’t easily be detected with current distractions but several miles inland popping up in ambiguous locations (a home, building or mosque), makes spotting it near impossible.

Building tunnels cost money, this July New York Times headline read, “Paying Ransoms, Europe Bankrolls al Qaeda Terror.” “Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for al Qaeda bankrolling its operations across the globe.” Estimations say $125 Million/year. It’s now known that al Qaeda and ISIS are doing business with the Mexican/Colombian cartels.

Lucrative illegal businesses are especially true for Hamas involved in: Prostitution rings, Human- trafficking, International narcotics trade, black market Arms trade and black market [Human Organs] deals. Amazingly this isn’t enough money. Primary funding is still dependent on Governments like the U.S. and Qatar. Qatar is an offsite headquarters for Hamas and has publicly given $4 hundred mill to Hamas lead Gaza. Qatar owns Aljazeera Network a mouthpiece for anti-Israel and anti-American propaganda. April 2014 they presented a (4-part series) called “Borderland”, illegal immigration up close and personal in America, right before the Texas border rush. Qatar also gets vast amounts of oil money.

Hamas is the “arm” of the Muslim brotherhood not a splinter and their sponsors are Qatar-their bankroll and Turkey their Hamas NATO representative.

The logistics of this latest fouled attack on Israel was the work of a well-organized Military not an amateurish JV militia. Gaza tunnels are estimated to cost on average $3 Mill each, with 40 known that’s $120 Mill, with (alleged 5,000 tunnels it’s $1.5 Bill). It took 350 truckloads of building supplies to create (each) tunnel. Palestinians complain publicly of the bleak conditions in Gaza, referring to population density, unemployment rates, poor living conditions and how Israel has made them poor due to the blockades. They avoid talking about the rapid growth of wealth of Hamas leaders and that wealth was acquired by skimming off the top of the “Humanitarian funds” supplied by the world and U.S. taxpayers. The Daily caller says, “The planners and perpetrators of the tunnel enterprise are part of the United Nations. Every purchase order for concrete and reinforced steel has UNWRA stamp.

Imagine if they had put that money ($1.5 Billion) into building schools, homes, businesses, hospitals or farming instead of elaborate terror tunnels for massacring Israel.

Hamas is too dedicated on wiping out Israel to stop fighting now because they got caught. They‘ve built for five years a “city of tunnels” in Gaza and were cunning enough to do it undetected with our taxpayer money. Hezbollah-al Qaeda has the funding to now focus attention on digging capable tunnels under our border and Mexico. How else could terrorist wanting to bomb the U.S., needing an arsenal of huge amounts of explosives, rockets and artillery necessary to blow up multiple cities concurrently with extensive damage get across our border (unobserved )?

Former CIA covert ops officer, Mike Baker says, “I believe there’s a lot of chatter between ISIS and the Mexican drug cartels.” There are about 100 known radical Islamic sleeper cells in the U.S. They have the means, dedication and made great strides in building up their armies infiltrating our: neighborhoods, businesses, Govt. and Military keeping us naive of their imminent attack on U.S. soil.

Islam is at war with us. Hamas is mercilessly bombing Israel, ISIS is butchering everyone in its path across Iraq and Hezbollah- al Qaeda is crossing our Texas doorstep. Hamas recently flew their flag on our (Brooklyn) bridge broadcasting that they’re among us and mean business about an attack. I urge you to prepare and believe the Obama released Gitmo terrorist prisoner when he said to America, “See you in New York!”