The negative ramifications of the growing militarization and heavy-handed intrusion and abuses of law enforcement will ultimately make more and more people leery and fearful of any public official with a uniform and badge.

Once upon a time, law enforcement officials almost universally had the public’s best interests as their main goal – But not any more! In 2007 USA Today published an article titled, *“Police brutality cases on rise since 9/11” where the paper makes a compelling case for its assertion. And since 2007, the problem doesn’t seem to be abating but getting worse.

By now most people have heard about the negative results of many “No-knock” raids by police, the ATF, and other government agencies where officers or agents have been killed or injured in the line of duty and not at the hands of criminals, but from innocent citizens who attempt to protect themselves and family members from unannounced home intrusions.

With the increasing occurrences of such raids, one can’t help but wonder, especially with the Obama administration and Eric Holder-sanctioned activities like the reckless and lawless “Fast and Furious” debacle, if these overly aggressive tactics by so-called law enforcement are deliberately meant as a form of terror to instill fear and keep the masses in a subjugated state.

Obama’s unconstitutional NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act will also undoubtedly add to the public’s paranoia as more innocent citizens are arrested and detained for no other reason perhaps than they may not like the government or a particular policy or politician which, believe it or not, the mandate allows and was probably written to encompass.

Also, atrocities like the one recently where a woman pedestrian was tackled to the ground, then severely beaten by a California Highway Patrolman because he was reportedly “trying to stop her from walking into traffic” also doesn’t project confidence in law enforcement from the public. Add the New Mexican homeless man who was shot several times and killed by several paramilitary Albuquerque police officers carrying AR-15-style weapons because he was allegedly “camping” where he wasn’t allowed and held a small knife at his side 15 feet or more away from the nearest law enforcement officer. Stories like these about police abuse abound and are becoming even more frequent, commonplace, and increasingly more horrific in nature.

Even now, depending upon where you reside, there is cause for concern any time you are pulled over for an apparent traffic violation. Is the cop going to be friendly, or will he or she be one with a foul or superior disposition who is looking to exert his power over you by over-stepping his authority for an unjustified cause? The concern is real and the causes for concern certainly appear to be on the rise.

As an investigative Journalist for the US~Observer, I can tell you that in far too many jurisdictions in the United States today, one is presumed guilty until proven innocent by a system that is designed to bleed every dollar it can out of its innocent victims and their families. As this also becomes more commonly known, shootouts with police by innocent citizens over even minor infractions or none at all as demonstrated with many “No-knock” raids will also become more commonplace as people realize their lives can be completely ruined for no reason whatsoever.

Whether this phenomenon of aggression is of a pre-calculated nature or a byproduct of the lawless times we live is anybody’s guess, but the downside, besides living in an Orwellian-style police state, will be more deaths of both innocent citizen-victims and misguided members of law enforcement.

It is also important to point out that in the same way that concealed carry works to deter crimes with criminals, the average citizen also won’t know whether the law enforcement officer, who often more closely resembles a mafia henchman rather than the stereotypical public servant, that pulls him or her over in a routine traffic stop is concealing a bad temper and/or a desire to take out his or her frustrations on a hapless citizen.

John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute recently stated in an interview that the solutions to the growing police state are “the same solutions that worked in 1776 and that is – people getting up in arms, getting mad, getting their picket signs and saying we aren’t going to take this anymore!”

One thing is for certain, if citizens don’t stand up and be counted and protest publically when appropriate, and hold politicians accountable, intrusions and abuses by police and other law enforcement agencies are only going to get worse – Much worse!