The Department of Homeland Security has purchased $2,000,000 worth of new targets. These are not just any targets either. They are not the ones that most of us think of with the concentric circles and a bulls-eye. These targets feature real people, like you.

Some feature photos of pregnant women, little boys and girls, and senior citizens. All of these people, even the children, are pictured brandishing a gun. I wasn’t aware that people, people like you and me, are now the suspects of future violence. We are now apparently a major concern of DHS. Why?

Remember that recently many government agencies purchased millions of rounds of ammunition. Even unlikely agencies such as Social Security, the National Marine Fisheries Service, Department of Education, and the Internal Revenue Service are stocking up. We have to at least suspect that the federal government is anticipating some kind of civil unrest. If that occurs law enforcement may be called upon to shoot citizens.

This may seem unthinkable, but shooting American citizens has already happened quite a few times that I recall. There was Ruby Ridge, David Koresh and his followers in Waco, Texas, and the Kent State massacre that happened in Kent, Ohio. In my estimation most of these were mass executions. Obviously, the courts don’t agree with me. Regardless, American citizens were shot and killed by our government.

There is another aspect to this story too. These “no more hesitation” targets, as they are called, are also brainwashing tools. They are tools that will help desensitize law enforcement officers so they won’t hesitate when called upon to shoot American citizens. That time may be nearer than we think. I hope you have not been desensitized. I hope you are as shocked and outraged as I am that our government is doing this.

WND, previously Worldnet Daily, has a video on their site that features an interview with a representative of the company, Law Enforcement Training, Inc, that manufactures the targets. It is located here. The company admits they are selling these targets to government agencies. This is not a hoax.

There is some good news. Due to the pressure from the public and even the law enforcement community, the company, Law Enforcement Training, Inc, has apologized and taken down the targets from the Internet. It is still unclear whether or not they will continue to be sold to DHS and other agencies. But, this is a start and shows public pressure still counts.

The American people have already been desensitized to so many things. What was considered porn in the 1950s and 60s is now displayed on family time television and on the front of mainstream magazines. Nudity doesn’t get much attention anymore. Neither does living together outside of marriage, extramarital sex, drug use, homosexuality, or the most bloody violence.

Yes, we’ve been desensitized. We live in the new normal that, at least according to biblical standards, is abnormal, destructive, and sinful.

It is a victory to see the targets exposed and withdrawn from the Internet, but this doesn’t change the agenda and we still don’t know who will continue to get the targets. The plan probably still is to desensitize our law enforcers even further. To shoot a pregnant woman or child should cause no more hesitation than shooting the bulls-eye on a traditional target the thinking goes. We no longer have to have a bulls-eye on our backs. We are the bulls-eye.

Life is getting cheaper by the day in this country.

All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent. – Thomas Jefferson.