Gun control should mean hitting your target, but with the recent shootings in Colorado, Wisconsin, and now Texas, radical leftists are up to their old tricks again calling for the complete banning of guns. While some use are attempting to use the Health Care argument, others, like the Huffington Post’s Sanjay Sanghoee has repeatedly demonstrated his ignorance for the U.S. Constitution, the Second Amendment, and guns in general. This time he is again calling for the complete denial of rights under the Second Amendment by making some radical, and most likely unconstitutional suggestions.

Firstly, like many radical liberals, Sanghoee displays a distinct lack of knowledge about guns. He states, “anything that can be used to fire dozens of rounds a minute…should not be in the hands of civilians.” This definition, based on ignorance and fear, would include any firearm in existence, including the old .22 rifle that grandpa had. He then demonstrates his lack of knowledge concerning American history by claiming that there is nor legitimate uses for such weapons. Perhaps he thinks that having a gun in order to personally guaranteeing his freedom is not a legitimate use of a weapon, but there are millions of Americans who think so.

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