Irony and hypocrisy.
Check it out:

I’ve been saying that Leland Yee was a criminal for years…federal authorities finally paid attention.

Yee was arrested by the FBI Wednesday morning for public corruption. While this isn’t terribly surprising given Lee’s track record of ignoring what was morally and ethically right, what IS slightly surprising is that among the charges being leveled against Yee is GUN TRAFFICKING. How poetically ironic.

Yee doesn’t seem as happy in the back of a FBI Agent’s car as he was when he was persecuting law abiding gun owners in California.

This isn’t even your typical white collar politician crime which consists of kickbacks and quid quo pro arrangements. Yee is being charged with conspiring to traffic in firearms and who is conspiring with? Yee is now being linked to Chinese Mafioso Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow, former soldier in San Francisco’s Hop Sing Tong gang.

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