I had an e-mail exchange with a writer friend recently in which he was promoting gun control. I responded to him saying: “I’m afraid you are conflating two different things, a ‘peaceful society’ and gun ownership. The two do not equate on either side of the argument. The problem with our society is not guns; it is people, the degeneration of the society and the left-wing politicians who have promoted that degeneration.

People wonder why we have mass killings like the one in Connecticut or Aurora. Allow me to draw some inferences. When I was a child, we didn’t lock our doors and you left the keys in your car in the driveway for convenience. Your community was that safe despite the fact that most people kept guns in their homes for hunting and self-protection—their right under the Constitution. Incidents like Connecticut or Aurora were very, very rare. Since then:

• We had the “hippie” rebellion against authority;
• We had the drug revolution, drugs run rampant in our streets rendering those who partake devoid of common sense;
• We had the sexual revolution—if it feels good, do it, ignore consequences including providing for the resulting children who, with little responsible supervision, become teenagers and young adults;
• We had the homosexual revolution—love who (or what) you want;
• We had the atheist revolution forcing Bible reading and prayer out of our public schools—allow children to get their morality from the streets or from television;
• We had the entertainment revolution in which television became a sewer pipe from a cesspool called Hollywood delivering every form of violence and immorality into your living-room if you allow it;
• We had the fetus-is-not-a-child revolution and proceeded to kill 50+ million children in their mother’s wombs—an entire generation of innocents murdered;
• We legalized the numbers racket, which was illegal in all jurisdictions when I was a child, and now call it the state lottery;
• We closed all the state mental hospitals, turned the inmates out onto the streets and called them the homeless;
• We refuse to recognize evil when it stares us in the face and call it a “psychological problem”.
All this occurred within one lifetime—mine. And we wonder why there are so many crazies out there killing people, including children? Leftists wonder why millions of honest, responsible citizens find it necessary to take training, obtain a permit and carry a firearm in self-defense?

Leftist politicians and so-called “modernists, liberals, Democrats and free-thinkers” need to look in the mirror. The causes of the Aurora and Connecticut shootings are all there. Our society is decadent, violent and declining rapidly and they are responsible. There are lots of bad guys out there, everywhere.

A day does not pass in Atlanta, the biggest city near where I live, that there are not several women assaulted, often killed, in shopping center parking lots. I rarely let my wife go to the store alone if I can possibly accompany her. I did some research, and I was safer during Desert Shield and Desert Storm on the battlefield–based on casualties in my front-line division–than I would have been during the same time period on the streets of downtown Atlanta. It’s only gotten worse since then. Private citizens defend themselves or others with firearms an average of 1.3 million times per year in the U.S. and 97.6% of those incidents are ruled justifiable.

There are a half million people in my state, Georgia, where it is lawful for a private citizen with a carry permit to intervene to prevent a felony, who do carry. There are comparable numbers in other states and they help prevent dozens of felonies and loss of life daily by being armed and prepared when some thug seeking dope, rape, money or something else comes calling. The average response time for a 9-1-1 call is 15 to 20 minutes. The average response time for a .45 caliber round is 900 feet per second.

There is a lot more to the gun argument than knee-jerk liberal reaction to heinous crimes in which they are very, very complicit. Fortunately the Constitution writers saw the need for private citizens to be armed. Not only do armed private citizens stand as a partial deterrent against a host of bad guys out there, they also stand as a deterrent against a potentially oppressive government. The first thing the Hitlers, Pol Pots, Stalins, etc., of the world do is disarm the citizenry. There are those in this country, including in our government, who would be perfectly happy to disarm the citizenry. I’m personally glad there are armed private citizens out there augmenting the police and I do keep a weapon in my home to protect it against a dangerous, decaying society that threatens to break in the door every time we lie down to sleep.

My wife and I moved five months ago to our retirement home, a smaller house in a smaller city further away from Atlanta. Our home, in a nice neighborhood but near a main thoroughfare, already has been broken into once, while we were at church. Fortunately, an alarm system and a large dog, our Siberian Husky who was in the house, discouraged the burglars and they left without taking anything. I did have to repair the locks on the back door. Welcome to the great “liberal” society.