Don’t underestimate the threat posed by Democrats’ current push for gun control legislation.

The Left has long had the goal of ultimately eliminating guns in the hands of private citizens, and it has spent decades whittling away at the Second Amendment.

The current crop of gun foes have given every indication that they intend to use the Sandy Hook massacre to take their anti-gun agenda as far as possible, maybe even to the point of confiscation. Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s bill includes a “buy back” provision that could provide the legal mechanism for gun confiscation.

With President Obama newly re-elected by his dimwitted supporters and no inroads in Congress made by Republicans, the Democrats are obviously feeling they are kings of the mountain right now.

All they need do is force Feinstein’s bill through the Senate or just have the Man Who Would Be King adopt it by executive order. Then with the very next public shooting, the cries to enforce the buy back provision will begin, and bye-bye, freedom.

Liberals tolerate a lot from this president that they would not have acquiesced to under President Bush, such as foreign assassinations, drone attacks, surveillance of citizens, strip searching passengers at airports — the list is long. Part of the reason for that is their delusion that a Democrat couldn’t actually do anything that was morally wrong.

Under Bush, the Left endlessly pitched and moaned about the police state supposedly being created by listening in on cell phones, using waterboarding on captured al-Qaida operatives, detention of terrorists at Guantanamo Bay, and so on.

By restricting or taking away guns, the Left is trying to force Americans to rely more and more on police forces across the country as the only acceptable means of defending themselves and their families. That is the very definition of a police state.

When existing police forces prove inadequate — and they will — there will be a call for vastly increasing the size of law enforcement agencies. It should be obvious that personnel of such agencies, when they’re not stopping home intruders, will be free to delve into the minutiae of crime, like jaywalking, broken taillights, failing to separate recyclables, littering, riding a skateboard in a public place — any petty little law (and there are lots of them) that has been or will be passed by legislators but that is currently ignored.

Some people like that notion, but give it some thought. Do you really look forward to a world where people can be fined hundreds of dollars for stopping a couple of inches over the line, for hammering before 8 a.m. on a weekend, or for walking on the wrong side of the street?

To support law enforcement, there will inevitably be a geometric increase in surveillance of the population, far beyond what we endure now.

Vice President Joe Biden has promised to not only propose but to pass strict gun control by the end of the month, according to the Boston Herald.

That means all that stands between us and a true police state is a handful of legislators who support the Second Amendment. If ever ordinary citizens are going to raise their voices to protect the Constitution, now is the time.