As the gun-control debate rages, the left continues to miss the point or, more likely, chooses to ignore it. It is heartbreaking to see innocent children and adults murdered in acts of gun violence across our country, but, sadly, these incidents prove once again that evil exists in society. Liberals can say what they want. The truth is that those who use guns to express their frustration and unhappiness are deeply disturbed and evil resides in their hearts. Nothing else can explain why an individual would slaughter innocent people in cold blood, especially children. To blame gun violence on the guns rather than those who pulled the trigger makes as much sense as shutting down the New York subway system because the trains have killed people, abolishing baseball bats because someone was beaten with one, or taking away cars because of drunk drivers. Since stricter gun-control laws make no sense, the real motivation of the anti-gun lobby must be to disarm the opposition—literally.

Columbine High School survivor Craig Scott, who lost his sister and several close friends during the tragic shooting incident in April, 1999 has stated clearly what liberals do not want to admit: “What happens when you are a person that grows up today and at school you’re not taught about character, integrity or values…at school you are picked on and bullied and at school teachers care more about your test scores and your knowledge and your academic achievement than the condition of your heart,” Scott said. “And when we were concerned about the heart we were number one in the world in education as a first world nation. On the deepest level, these are spiritual problems that we are having in our country.”
In today’s society where we call the murder of innocent children by abortion “choice,” human life has lost its value. When our so-called leaders at the highest levels fight hard to protect a woman’s right to kill her unborn child for the sake of convenience, why are we surprised when evil people pick up a gun and start killing indiscriminately? In our schools we teach that abortion on demand is acceptable, and then we are shocked when a student picks up a gun and kills.

Movies and video games played constantly by children depict the wholesale slaughter of people in the most graphic and gratuitous terms, yet we wonder why children choose killing to express their angst. Hollywood enjoys massive profits from its glorification of gratuitous violence, and then has the audacity to speak out against guns. The current administration supports issues such as infanticide, perversion on demand, no God in school, demonizing success, and they push for more entitlements while rejecting Godly character development, American exceptionalism and then they refuse to accept any portion of the blame for man’s inhumanity to man. Liberals demand that God be ejected from government, schools, and society, and then wonder why there is so much ungodly behavior in our society.

The cries for stricter gun-control laws are really nothing more than the left’s attempt to advance an agenda that has nothing to do with gun violence. Liberals are simply taking advantage of a sad situation. As Rohm Emanuel once said “you should never let a good crisis go to waste.” Passing more laws and disarming law abiding citizens is not the answer. There are already enough gun laws on the books. The harsh reality is that bad people exist and will continue to commit crimes against others, guns or not. A good friend said “I think my guns are broken as I have had them for 30 years and not a single one has committed a crime”. If an evil individual is willing to break the law by killing someone, he will certainly not follow the new and stricter gun-control laws advocated by the left. For example, the gun laws in Connecticut worked as they were supposed to. The shooter in that tragedy was unable to purchase a firearm legally and had to resort to theft and murder to acquire a weapon.

News flash to the gun haters: Another sign saying “Gun Free Zone” or a truck load of new laws will not stop an evil person who is set on destruction and is willing to die in order to do his dirty work. The United States Secret Service acknowledges that if someone wants to get to the president and is willing to die in the process, there is nothing they can do to stop it. If these seasoned professionals who train to protect the POTUS, and are the best security service in the world can’t stop a shooter set on destruction, what is another useless law going to accomplish?

It is time to stop treating the symptoms of a morally bankrupt society and treat the “HEART” of the problem: broken individuals with no respect for the law, personal property, or humanity. It is time to acknowledge that we don’t have a gun problem, we have a heart problem. Until our nation has a heart change and once again subscribes to such values as personal responsibility, moral character, and integrity we will continue to see these senseless acts of violence committed by lost individuals trying to achieve their 15 minutes of fame on You-Tube by expressing their angst with a gun, and doing what they have been trained by society to do, “TAKE” something that was not rightfully theirs.