Gun control is a top issue being brought up by the Obama administration, which is calling for more regulations and restrictions on our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms. The biggest fallacy with gun control advocates is that more guns means more crime, therefore we need to ban as many guns as possible. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The best possible way to stop criminals with guns is to have law-abiding citizens with guns to defend themselves and society to prevent a crime in the first place.

First, there are quite a few gun myths out there that need to be addressed:

1.) Forty percent of guns are purchased without background checks.

This is a percentage that President Obama and VP Joe Biden have used numerous times in their push for more background checks and stricter gun control. According to Professor John Lott, that number is closer to ten percent. And since Obama has been in office, more than 70 million background checks have taken place for gun owners.

2.) Criminals obtain their guns from gun shows

This is a common claim, as is evident with a call to have background checks on gun shows and other such regulations being pushed by the Obama administration and other gun control advocates. A Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) study from November of 2001 called ‘Firearms Use by Offenders’ discovered only 1 percent of criminals obtained guns at gun shows.

3.) Urban Areas need more gun control

This can’t be any further from the truth. Having been living in Naperville and within the Chicago land area my whole life, Chicago has the most strict gun control laws in the nation, yet they have more gun murders, with over 500 in 2012, than any other city.

There are dozens of other myths, but these are just a couple of them.

It’s also very clear that gun control that we’re seeing today isn’t about more safety, but its about more government control and confiscating guns. Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security came out with an instructional video that believe it or not, advocated for the use of scissors for employees when fighting off an intruder.

Don’t be fooled by ‘assault weapon’ bans either. It is a loose term to make a weapon sound more scary and dangerous than it is, and fails to mention that guns are only dangerous to the public when they’re in the hands of criminals, not law-abiding citizens. Diane Feinstein’s assault weapons ban that failed to pass earlier this year wasn’t just a ban on ‘assault weapons’ but included more than 150 types of firearms. These assault weapon bans also fail to mention that it usually ban guns that can look like any kind of assault weapon. By definition, a firearm is broken up into 3 groups: rifles, pistols, and shotguns, so Feinstein calling this just an assault weapons ban should actually be called a ‘take all guns’ ban. Here’s a list of her 150+ firearms that would be banned under the bill.

Also making headlines earlier this year is the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, actually advocating that individuals vomit or urinate to stop rapists from attacking after Colorado’s House of Representatives passed a gun control measure that banned those with concealed carry permits to have weapons on campuses of public universities. This is absurd and offensive, yet not anything new for colleges across the nation that are taught by liberal professors who despite the 2nd amendment and the constitution. There are also college rape victims who have come out and said they felt they could have prevented the rape if they had an ability to carry a gun on campus, so the idea of vomiting or urinating to stop a criminal is slap in the face to these victims and is offensive.

What also is rarely mentioned by the mainstream media is that not everyone from the Newton shooting last December was calling for more gun control. A Newtown dad didn’t call for more gun control, resulting in him being silenced by Obama, who claims he wants to listen to all the victims’ families of the Newtown tragedy.

According to a Washington Times article in August 2004, a month before the 1994 federal assault rifle ban expired, an independent study conducted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) found that the ban was not responsible for the decline in gun-related violence and its renewal will not likely achieve any more. It also said assault weapons were “rarely used in gun crimes even before the ban.” According to the BJS, in the past 3 years, federal gun prosecutions increased 68 percent and the number of people charged with federal firearm crimes rose 22 percent in 2003, which marked the largest single year increase.

According to a poll conducted from Rasmussen released in May 2013, while gun killings have decreased by 39 percent since 1993 and non-fatal gun crimes dropped 69 percent, 64 percent of those who support more gun control wrongly think that gun crimes have increased.

Don Kates and Gary Mauser are both criminologists who found from studying American and European gun laws that: “Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not.” It was also found that 9 European countries with lowest rates of gun ownership, which is 5,000 or less guns per 100,000 people, have a combined murder rate three times higher than 9 European countries with the highest rates of gun ownership, consisting of 15,000 or more guns per 100,000 people. In the study, Norway was found to have the highest rate of gun ownership in Western Europe and has the lowest murder rate. On the other hand, Holland had the lowest rate of gun ownership in Western Europe, yet has one of the worst murder rates. It’s no surprise then that a state like Texas has relatively lower crime compared to metropolitan areas, like Chicago and New York, that have much more strict gun control, yet sees much higher gun related crime.