Guns bring up the same old argument,” It’s for the children”, (not the photo op)

The current administration is sure putting on a grand show of concern for our children when the bottom line is that they could care less about the safety of the nation’s children, or their future, however, they have never met a crisis or photo op they didn’t love.

I say this because If they really were concerned about the children in our nation the president would not have appointed an acknowledged pedophile cheerleader as his safe schools czar, and allowed him to stay. If the current administration really cared about the children they would not be pushing the gay agenda for same sex marriage further destroying the traditional family of a mom and a dad which by the way has been acknowledged by multiple studies, most recently by the University of Texas, as the best possible situation for children growing up.
If the current administration really cared about our children they would not be running up more debt than all the other previous presidents combined, dooming our children to a future of debt , high inflation, poor job prospects and a fragile economy for years to come.
If this administration really cared about our children they would be doing something about the education system which has been broke, is broke and will remain broke until we get the NEA and the government out of our schools and return to career educators that want to teach what our students what they need to succeed not preach radical nonsense to our kids. Side note maybe charter schools would be a great start nationally as they seem to be whipping the public schools backside everywhere they open.
If the current administration really cared about our children they would not have Eric Holder on any committee trying to fix a gun problem as he is the same idiot whose justice department oversaw thousands of semi-automatic weapons disappearing into the hands of drug lords and criminals in the Mexican drug cartels, with justice department approval, after which he claimed no responsibility and has done nothing to fix the problem. Makes you wonder how many crazy students has he supplied with illegal weapons?

The bottom line is that all the political theatre surrounding the gun hearings is nothing more than a great photo op, as proved by the fact that you see more cameras and press in the meeting room than experts actually trying to fix a problem.
Not to mention it gives the left the crisis they have been waiting on to finally make a grab for everybody’s firearms with all their old gun bills off the shelf.

What doesn’t add up in the debate is the fact that it is the gun’s fault, not the individual, parents, drugs, or any other influences just the guns. If you killed someone with a knife, you would go on trial not the knife or knife manufacturer. If you killed someone with an automobile, you would go on trial not the automobile or auto manufacturer. If you killed someone with a baseball bat, you would go on trial not the baseball bat or bat manufacturer. If you killed someone with your foot by boot stomping them, you would go on trial not the boots or boot manufacturer.

I could continue naming objects used for harming others in the sentence all night and still the individual would be held responsible not the object. So it strikes me as kind of odd that when someone kills with a firearm it’s the gun that is responsible and the gun manufacturer not the individual.

By that logic the Colorado shooter should not even be on trial? If it really is the guns fault maybe the gun forced him to drive to the theatre and shoot people. This logic makes as little sense as the argument, and I don’t want to downplay the heinous nature of the crimes committed in Colorado or Connecticut, but the truth is the laws in place did not stop the two disturbed deranged individuals from committing these crimes.

In Connecticut the laws worked keeping the shooter from obtaining his own firearms so he had to resort to stealing them, and murdering the owner. Someone who is willing to break the law to that extent of theft and murder to obtain guns is not going to give a rip about background checks, magazine restrictions or any other law on the books. If the current administration really cared about the children they would be looking at the core of the problem not some press ready photo op and band aide fixes. They would realize that it was time to start leading instead of pretending to lead and be bold enough to demand that our schools get back to teaching basic character traits like integrity, strong morals, and honor along with things like; you should not steal, you should not murder, you should not lie and all the other good strong rules that used to be taught in our schools before the government got involved in education.

But I guess we will not see that any time soon from our elected leaders as “you cannot give away what you do not possess”, and I know these are the things that our current administration does not exhibit and certainly does not possess.