Because gun-free zones work so well.

Rancho Cordova, California, students are up in arms—so to speak—about a gun range moving in next door to their high school. The range is indoor—no stray bullets will be pelting classroom windows—but students, teachers, and administrators all believe the mere presence of a gun club so close to a school is inherently dangerous.

Why? I have no earthly idea.

The community’s explanation is an insistent it just is! From

Students from George Washington Carver High protested what is already on its way.

“Even though it’s legal, it’s still wrong. you shouldn’t mix schools with guns,” said student Damon Kalerkorinos.

He helped organized the protest of students against the new shooting range being developed just about 250 feet away from their campus.

“It’s just not safe to have a gun club so close to a school,” he said.

Principal Allegra Allesandri says a new gun club so close is wrong, citing weapon-free zones designed to keep schools safe.

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