Do you think the threat against Joe should be investigated?
Check it out:

While people are free to vent outraged fury at Joe Wurzelbacher, aka Joe “The Plumber” for the way he expressed himself to the parents of students slain by the Isla Vista killer after one blamed the NRA for the murders, that in itself does not warrant actual threats of violence against the man, with or without a gun.

While vile, even the ugliest of death wishes, including those directed at Wurzelbacher’s family members, probably do not rise to the level of actionable threats. But at least one posted on his Joe for America website does, linked here with advance warning that those offended by foul language should not click on this link to see for themselves.

“If our paths ever cross I am going to stick my 45 [sic] up your p**** whole and pull the trigger,” a correspondent identified as “Jerry Gregory” threatens. That name links to a Facebook account where we learn he belongs to the Democratic 2014 and 2016 Change campaign group and claims he “Works at Waccamaw Community Hospital” in South Carolina. (A screen capture of the relevant portion of that page has been posted at The War on Guns blog in case any deletions are made — something unfortunately not unheard of under similar circumstances.)

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