The Left is showing its true colors as it tries to turn murder suspect Christopher Dorner into a hero.

As the former Los Angeles police officer and Navy reservist leads Southern California police on a fruitless chase, the mainstream media have portrayed him as a whistleblower and victim of discrimination.

Even more stunning, though, is the growing popularity of Dorner on social media.

On the Huffington Post’s Facebook page, one alleged screenwriter posted, “This is an intelligent man who has stared into the dark heart of corruption.” The movie, no doubt, is already in the works.

Among the Twits, user Raymundo Valentin wrote, “I hope more cops that come from oppressed nationalities and neighborhoods follow his heroic path.”

Another user said that if she saw Dorner, she would give him a hug and not report him.

The Left has never loved authority unless liberals are the ones wielding it, so it’s not that surprising, really, that their moral confusion would lead them to embrace yet another killer who positions himself as a victim.

In his unabridged manifesto, Dorner is also effusive in his support of liberal celebrities, politicians and causes, oddly including gun control. Dorner rails about AR-15 “assault rifles,” yet he is running around somewhere in possession, allegedly, of a rocket launcher and a .50-caliber rifle, true assault weapons.

Liberals are finding the hypocrisy of an armed killer who praises Piers Morgan appealing.

And why not? They’re sympatico. Facebook, which has been known to boot conservatives off the site for nothing more than political humor that rubs liberals the wrong way, apparently has no problem with the multiple Dorner fan pages that have sprung up overnight, including one showing a bloody police officer lying on the ground, apparently one of Dorner’s victims.

The Left, which elsewhere is busily working to eliminate private ownership of guns, wants to eliminate your ability to defend yourself. Yet, liberals turn to a “hero” who does what they secretly wish they had the nerve to do: kill anyone who might stand in the way of their agenda.

Certainly that impulse was obvious during President Bush’s two terms in office when liberals on several occasions produced films or books expressing the desire to end the president’s life, albeit in a fictional setting.

Now liberals will rally around a man who has vowed to take down the Los Angeles Police Department.

It’s not only sick, it’s just another day for the Left.