You might say it is the worst of times…”best” are hard to find.
There is pollution in the White House; the land is ruled by
adulterers, thieves, sexual deviates and uncountable corrupt
politicians.  We are shown the spoiling and violence day after
day, and crying for deliverance from this wickedness falls on
deaf ears.  We even attempt to defend ourselves and our families
with weapons, but we, ourselves are thrown into prison.  How can
we continue to live in such insufferable state?  After all, the
politicians rule…and appealing to them is a waste of breath.
We seek justice in the courts and even they are corrupt and lean
to the influence of the media and the powerful.

Habakkuk, the Jewish “reporter” of 650 BC, surely was not
reporting on today’s United States, was he?  His people and
social conditions were so alike today that it is difficult to
separate the two.  There are so many similarities here that it
truly is scary.  Not only the depth of depravity (no mention of
black mobs, however) but so consuming that there seemed to be no
light at the end of the tunnel.  Habakkuk is truly despondent,
and then God’s answer is no relief.  Some more similarities:
Katrina; World Trade Center; Hurricane Sandy; Typhoon Haiyan;
Joplin tornado; Islamic terrorism; the Madoff and Stanford
devastating schemes…the list goes on.  What was God’s answer to
Habakkuk?  Think about it: “I will raise up the Chaldeans to wipe
you out.  They are much more ruthless than those whom I have
called out to take my name.  Their warriors are like marines to
your boy scouts.  They are more violent than you and they scoff
at kings and princes.  (Do the Iranians beg mercy from us?  Do
they bow to our president?  Do the Egyptians pay homage to us?
Are the Chinese our bosom buddies?)

And he goes on to chide those who build “cities of sin,” and
enrich themselves with ill-gotten gains belonging to others. It
appears that at this point the tree is fully grown; and it is

Ahhh, Habakkuk, you’ve been peeking 2600 years ahead of yourself.
Or, are you telling us that all this has happened before and
these are the warning signs of our demise?

The desolation, government encouraged poverty and gangs roaming
so many of our once great cities should be wake-up call enough to
call us back to sensibilities and a determination not to continue
to keep making the same mistakes over and over and over.  As in the
words of the popular song: “God is Watching,” I believe He truly
is…and His warning to Habakkuk should give us cause to reverse

In Habakkuk’s day, it was already too late.  The vengeance of
the Lord led to the Babylonians utter destruction of all they had
known and seventy years of captive slavery, carried away to the
far off land of Babylon.  Are there signs here that are so
striking, relevant and imminent that we can continue to ignore
them?  Let us “stand the watch,” and not grow weary.