I feel as if I’ve passed some sort of milestone, although it may only be at second-hand. My blogging site was hacked so that it would be black-listed by Google. Given that Google didn’t mount the ramparts to decry the violations of our right to privacy by agents of the US Government, I should be happy. But really, I’d rather have the problem fixed. While chatting with the Site-Lock rep, I was told that the two types of websites most likely to be hacked are religious or political. What’s new? The intolerant left out there make it a point to silence anyone with whom they disagree and I would bet far more of these hackers describe themselves as anarchists or Democrats rather than Republicans. These hackers probably see themselves as the Robin Hoods of the internet, stealing the voices from the majority to amplify the voice of the far left, whom they call The People. Isn’t that utterly pathetic?

There are millions of left-wingers out there who find all kinds of beliefs, particularly those held by me and you, to be a danger to theirs. And they should be worried, because they don’t have a success story to their name if we’re talking politics. They have no arguments, only false analogies or false choices. Russia was a profound disaster for communism. It failed because of fundamental human nature. When everything belongs to the State, nobody has an interest in success. What have French socialists brought France on the positive side of the ledger? I’d venture very little beyond deepening involvement in African civil wars. And isn’t it amazing how eagerly these left-wing pacifists embrace militarism? It’s even okay if the US still does all the heavy hauling and bears a big share of the costs, as long as America has a UN or a NATO fig-leaf. There’s nothing that gives a greater rush to a pacifist than bragging rights for long-distance kills on a foreign field where his own life is not at risk. Mechanical assassination is also a feel-good moment, a lot like a video game. Kapow!

Every time I hear someone saying that the man in the White House is a socialist and not a Marxist or a communist, I want to ask them: can you tell me in less than 100 words the difference between a socialist and a communist? And don’t dwell on the things the rich western socialists haven’t done, such as taking over the army. I don’t want to hear what they have been able to get away with, I want to know the end-game, the ultimate goals. It might take a while to get there, but Norway – fat on oil – has pretty much already assumed authority over every aspect of life. And the Norwegian people, who are also living high on the oil revenues, mostly don’t care. It’s a pretty easy life. But then again, as I repeat endlessly: we aren’t Norway. We are Russia, we are China. Too little to go around and larger and larger portions of the population not participating at all in production, but merely in consumption of state resources.  And while there are limits to what our own Dear Comrade can expect vis a vis his personal power, he doesn’t seem to know that yet. He audaciously tests the waters, fishing for popular support to allow him to run once more for the presidency. George Soros made a good purchase, in the audacity department.

You know, it occurs to me that these hackers, speaking of despicable people, are probably a totally diverse bag of people, many of them bored white adolescents. Hacking is a privileged kid’s version of Knock-Out, with goals equally pernicious but far less hazardous to one’s health – the desire to snuff out a voice versus the desire to snuff out a life. Everybody in America is in a hyper mood these days and tempers on every side are ready to explode. It seems wherever you look people are tossing the rules overboard and doing whatever they like. Damn the Constitution, the Supreme Court, the Congress… you know the mantra. This is the kind of stuff our young people are learning, that they can get away with anything if they are audacious enough.

I sure wish we had a government in Washington that was Constitutional. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? Then they could start cleaning out the sewage that is building up in our society under the socialist engineers. While of course respecting fully their constitutional freedoms.