In 2010, driving while drugged accounted for more than 28 percent of traffic deaths, which is 16 percent more than it was 10 years earlier.
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Liberals are going to choke on their Chunky Monkey marijuana cookies, because just when the party was getting started, a study comes out that says car crash fatalities involving pot use have tripled in the U.S.

Surprisingly, the study found that smoking accidents are not exclusive to any one age group or gender; driving while high on marijuana occurred across all ages for both males and females.

Based on data gathered from California, Hawaii, Illinois, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and West Virginia –six states that perform toxicology tests on victims involved in fatal car accidents — out of 23,500 drivers that died within one hour of a crash between 1999 and 2010, alcohol contributed to about 40 percent of traffic mortalities, and one of nine of the drivers also tested positive for marijuana.

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