Hallmark Cards, America’s largest manufacturer of greeting cards, has just released a new Mother’s Day card for people raised by lesbian couples, according to Pinknews, a European homosexual news site.
Check it out:

As of this writing, the Kansas City, Missouri-based company has not announced the new card on its website.

Despite its wholesome reputation for producing family-friendly movies, Hallmark has embraced the sexualized view of “diversity,” granting practitioners of homosexuality and other aberrant sexual behaviors the same status as ethnic minorities. According to the company’s “Diversity at Hallmark” web page, “We also support and rely upon Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that offer opportunities for African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Millennial, Military and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender employees to share common interests and give perspective on product development.”

The lesbian card apparently derives from the pictured Mother’s Day card, which reads:

Moms do it all, and they do it with ease.
From helping with homework to bandaging knees.
They’re coaches & confidantes. Role models too.
Whatever it takes, that’s what they’ll do.
When it comes to big hearts, moms are second to none.

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