What would the U.S. do if the CDC put out an alert that we were under attack by mutated virus controlled Zombies? Fear not, our Pentagon already has a defense plan for that, the secret Counter Zombie slayer. America, why doesn’t the Pentagon threaten ISIS with this weapon? I’ve seen enough of their beheadings so put this message on U Tube, plaster it all over the internet and invoke fear in ISIS. Beware you cowards; you’re no match for our Zombie Jihad ISIS Slayer. It will show no mercy head-blasting Jihad on your best butcher’s because it is designed to destroy the brain of the unimaginable… undead Zombies and ISIS you’re next!

True, our Pentagon’s Strategic Command Level has developed a defense plan known as (Con-Op 8888) against the Zombie uprising. Not based on TV Zombies but the idea that a pandemic biological weapon can be created which would do what the rabies virus does, take control of your brain’s (chemistry) making you behave as a loathing soul-less atrocity. ISIS terror beheading executions are illustrations that they may already be infected with a version of the blood-lusting, raging-insanity Zombie contagion.

The Walking Dead Zombies reanimated yet still electroencephalographically flat-lined (brain dead), are the incarnation of the terms, enigma and oxymoron. They are a contradiction walking yet decomposing while moving, barely aware of their own existence and trapped in a living-dead hell. They have been injected by a type of contagion like (rabies) which mutated their DNA and switched their brain from thinking to action only. There are various popular explanations: They come from outer space, from pollution generated by industry, results of biological warfare (Syria’s chemical WMD), military experiments gone horribly wrong or a pathogen or virus created by man to rid itself of an infection.

Current medicine is achieving scientific miracles with the 3-D printer reproducing organs and holograms used to see all sides and inside of a patient’s organ to touch and turn before and during surgery. Visually seeing through a hologram picture the precise location of a disease, malfunction, or blockage in a organ, ahead of ever cutting into it significantly increases a more exact diagnosis and effective surgery.

Modern medicine doesn’t stop there. Genetically modified organisms (GMO) are the most popular techniques being used through bacterial carriers and viral carriers to create vaccines like for Ebola. Essentially bacteria and viruses are used as carriers of DNA fragment that contains the desired trait which fends off a contagion. The DNA invades the host DNA and splices in the new pieces. DNA splicing is defined as “cutting and pasting” one organism’s DNA into another organism’s DNA. Using Virus or Bacteria methods to carry the DNA fragment can cause (unexpected complications) like “Zombies” because we cannot wholly control their path. This method completely relies on the GMO DNA to randomly attach and replicate itself, but bacteria and viruses act differently and can be hard to control.

Doctors are using the HIV gene to transport a (edited gene) that is resistant to the virus and replaces susceptible cells with the immune GM version. This radical gene therapy helps Aides patients but a chance of incorrect splicing can still create (malformations) like a superbug.

This is what happened in the movie “I am legend”; they used a virus from rabies to cure cancer but created a Zombie-Vampire that didn’t fly, still didn’t like light but was cured from ever having cancer.

They were infected by vaccination, died only to rise again as mindless (flesh-eating) cannibals without reason, morals or personal hygiene and devoid of respect for others. Their brains only function is to act on impulse from craving not to think. The end result “death” became their new beginning death-walking, caught in between two worlds not totally alive but undead.

The intrigue of Zombies to America’s youth today is a Me-ism specimen of a God-less society shaped, and fostered by Govt. for an entitled placating of every desire from taxpayers. Zombies do not think but are “driven” to act on powerful cravings to consume the flesh of the living. They’re dead emotionally, spiritually and partly mentally which are requirements to being called human. This ideology is used in ISIS (A-moral) actions, killing without restraint or concern for another; convert or die. The (have-not) Zombies (take) and consume those (that-have) lives. The problem then begs the question of unimaginable circumstances; how do you kill the already dead?

In all versions the one thing that worked was a bullet to the (brain), definitely a good reason to back the (NRA). Driving a stake through the heart if you want to get that close or exposure to ultraviolet light; the infection is in their blood but the driving engine is in their mutated half-working brain.

As stated above our Pentagon has buried on the military’s secret computer network an unclassified document obtained by Foreign Policy magazine called, “Con-Op 8888”. According to a report in the magazine the Defense Dept. with a 2014 budget of more than $500 Billion maintains a disaster preparation document called “CON-OP8888”, which in fact is a Zombie defense how-to guide for Military planners trying to isolate a Zombie uprising threat from the undead and destroy them.

It was designed and developed to train commanders in the art of strategizing for a catastrophe like ISIS or Ebola Virus containment. Without a hint of irony, DOD calls the plan “Counter-Zombie Dominance” and added a disclaimer section that says, “This plan was not designed as a joke.”

The worst case threat scenario, according to the CDC would be high “Transmissibility”, legions of the undead infecting humans quickly, with little way to counter rapidly multiplying hordes of Zombies.

The Foreign Policy, military strategists assigned to U.S. strategic command wrote the April 2011 document as part of a game plan to protect citizens against any kind of threat. A spokesperson from the U.S. strategic command immediately distanced the Pentagon from the document in a statement that the Zombie plan was merely a “fictional training tool” scenario not a U.S. Strategic command plan.

So relax America, Obama was mistaken and didn’t realize the Pentagon and CDC do have a strategy to kill not just Zombies but any enemy like ISIS or Ebola endemic biological weapon. Our Pentagon spent Billions of TP dollars on a plan to kill an apocalyptic mass of an (illusory) enemy. Surely we can utilize that well-spent $Billion strategy directing it to a horrific (real) fighting threat like ISIS.

I for one will sleep better tonight knowing that we actually do have a plan to Jihad ISIS; that is unless the 32% newly created superbug abnormality Ebola (Vaccines) don’t get America first.