Sadly liberals think this guy is a genius.
Check it out:

In response to an open-carry story that made the Internet rounds earlier this month, Rep. Hank “Don’t let Guam tip over” Johnson (D-Ga.) has introduced a bill that would outlaw the presence of loaded firearms anywhere in airports — everywhere.

Titled the “Airport Security Act of 2015,” Johnson’s bill would institute a federal ban on the carry of loaded firearms, not only within the secured airport areas where they’re already banned, but in non-secure areas that don’t require a screening process for entry. Unloaded weapons, under Johnson’s bill, could be brought into the unsecured areas if they’re unloaded and locked up in cases, but that’s it.

“Two weeks ago, a man entered the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta, Georgia, carrying a loaded AR-15 automatic weapon with an extended-capacity 100-round magazine,” Johnson said Monday from the House floor. “He did so only to make a point, and that was to show that he was legally able to carry his firearm in the airport.

“Mr. Speaker, actions like this, which follow shootings at airports in Los Angeles and Houston, undermine public security in the same way as yelling ‘fire’ in a crowded theater.

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