By: Joseph Cox

When the Har Nof attack occurred, I couldn’t write a thing.

Though it was a time for shock, surprise and outrage, I was not shocked, surprised or outraged. In the current war, attacks on places of worship are anything but unusual.

I assembled the accompanying chart to show some of what has occurred in the past two years. What is shocking isn’t that Jews in prayer have been attacked, but that they haven’t been attacked more often.

What matters now is how we respond.

There is a pattern of opportunity to these attacks. Where security forces are weak and terrorist forces strong, churches and mosques and synagogues are included in the line of fire.

With the control of explosives and firearms, and the restriction of those who have do access to these items, you could control these attacks.

But times are changing. Where terrorists once needed a bomb to feel like their attacks achieved something, now they only need a knife or a car.


If they can, they’ll kill 85 in Peshawar and 130+ in Kano. But five in Jerusalem is okay, too. Or one in Ottawa and another in Quebec…


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