Does he even think before he speaks?
Check it out:

I know, I know. You’ve been waiting with baited breath for America’s sweetheart to weigh in on the Bergdahl/Taliban Five trade for days, wondering how he’d manage to defend the White House and blame the Koch brothers in one fell swoop. It appears that he decided to leave the Kochs out of it — for now — but if you were hoping for a tone deaf jaw-dropper, Gramps didn’t disappoint:

He is aware that we didn’t liquidate these guys, right? We “got rid of” them by freeing them in a Middle Eastern nation whose support for radicals is well-established and whose reliability as a security partner is dodgy at best. As I wrote earlier, Qatar has already released them RoR, and US intelligence officers are wringing their hands in the press about what happens after the year-long travel ban is lifted. If you haven’t already, read their bios. Even MSNBC’s terrorism expert is quivering a bit:

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