The Senate reconvenes on Monday, and their first order of business is going to be the extension of the unemployment benefits over which Democrats and the White House have been making so much hay over the holidays — never mind that they’re doing so by banging on the deliberately misleading drum of the income inequality to which their own broken policies have only contributed over the past several years. On Face the Nation on Sunday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was there in all of his platitudinal resplendence previewing what I’m sure will be another delightful display of intellectual candor from Democrats desperate to talk about something, anything other than the many and far-reaching failures of ObamaCare so far. The best part? He just pushed the button on the nuclear option and sliced off some of the Senate’s traditional minority rights, but when things don’t go Democrats’ way in the upcoming legislative deliberations, the ongoing gridlock will be one hundred percent the fault of Republicans and their stubborn, spiteful obstructionism. Obviously.

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