Maybe it’s just the way things are done in Chicago and, as a consequence, he knows no better.  Maybe when you have the mainstream media securely on your side getting away with it seems easy. Maybe he is just so addicted to the perquisites of being president that he is willing to do anything to keep his job.  Or maybe it’s all of these things.  In any case, to one who has monitored the presidential campaign from its beginning to the present, it certainly appears that, for the Obama administration, lying has become an accepted campaign strategy.

It has been said that people will believe any lie if it is told often enough. Someone in the Obama camp must have taken this adage to heart because the distortions and apparent fabrications from the president, vice-president, and various members of the re-election team are coming fast and furious—pun intended.  In fact, there have been so many questionable statements and twisted statistics coming from the Obama campaign one scarcely knows where to begin.

The American public has heard Barack Obama and his minions claim repeatedly that the income of the rich is going up while the income of the poor is going down, an assertion refuted by the Congressional Budget Office.  The American public has heard Barack Obama claim that the healthcare bill he rammed through Congress without bi-partisan support will not increase the cost of insurance, when in fact most Americans have already seen a sharp rise in their insurance premiums.  The American public has heard President Obama and his minions claim that his healthcare bill will save Medicare when, in fact, it will bankrupt it.  The American public has heard President Obama and his minions claim that the wealthiest Americans pay very little in taxes when, in fact, the so-called wealthy contribute approximately 50 percent of the tax revenue collected by the government.

One could go on for days with the distortions and fabrications emanating from the Obama camp but, alas, restrictions on column space will not allow it.  Consequently, I will end my examples with the mother of all Obama fabrications—one uttered not by the president, but by the vice-president acting as his surrogate during the recent Ryan-Biden debate. Although he could not manage to say it with a straight face—or anything else for that matter—Joe Biden repeated several times that he and the president did not know the attack on our embassy in Libya was a terrorist attack.  According to a circus clown disguised as Vice-President Biden—what else could explain his absurd behavior?—the Obama administration did not know what every American and every member of his staff knew: That Islamist terrorists attacked our embassy and killed our people.

What was incredible about this outright fabrication was that the sworn testimony of Obama’s own State Department personnel as well as a mountain of other evidence had already shown that the attacks had nothing to do with a second-rate video, as originally claimed by the Obama administration, and everything to do with an orchestrated movement to rid the Muslim world of Americans and American influence.  What is even worse is that Obama and Biden are so accustomed to deflecting blame that they failed to realize that even if they did not know—which they did—not knowing was just as inexcusable as knowing and not acting.  Failing to predict that an attack on our Embassy was probable and, in turn, taking the necessary precautions means that the Obama administration is either a pack of bumbling amateurs too incompetent to do the jobs entrusted to them or a bunch of heartless politicians who care nothing about the safety and welfare of the American personnel they send in harm’s way.

Politicians who would knowingly, willingly, and purposefully deceive the American public as a campaign strategy are not worthy of the offices they hold.  Their actions mean that either they hold the electorate in complete contempt or they think Americans are so poorly educated, ill-informed, and intellectually lazy that—with the help of the mainstream media—their distortions and fabrications won’t be noticed.  One can only hope that the disdain the Obama administration shows for the American public will be returned in kind at the ballot box on November 6th.