America witnessed a brutal Islamic inspired beheading this past week. A second, but separate, suspect was arrested for threatening to behead a coworker. The two men self-identified as Muslim, and the latter went so far as claiming to be an agent of ISIS. Both men issued statements that exhibited a religious and racial hatred. Both men were Muslim.

Currently, the beheading is being ruled as work place violence – smacks of another work place violence case in recent history. However, a Facebook page attributed to the suspect contains Islamic fanaticism and at the time of the beheading the suspect was shouting in Arabic. All the emerging facts are pointing to a crime based on hate. So why isn’t this a hate crime at the least, if not a terrorist attack?

Many crimes, especially violent crimes, are born out of hate. It is ridiculous to establish a layered approach to violent crime based on variants of hate. Yet, that is exactly the essence of a politically correct approach to criminal intent. Rating the level of hate motivation in a violent crime is to infer that one’s hate towards a certain group is greater than that towards another. In the politically correct world, violent crimes perpetrated by a member of the majority against a minority is of a heightened level of hate, but it does not seem to apply the other way around. This happens to be diametrically opposed to the constitutional concept of equal liberty, which is blind to physical, psychological, and religious traits and has been cited in recent Supreme Court rulings (cite my Fifth Amendment article on gay marriage).

Rational thought is suspended when assessing violent crime in a sphere of political correctness. Out of fear of offending, it appears this beheading and other Islamic inspired cases are scaled with an attenuated sense of hate, being referred simply as work place violence. If these cases are not to be referred to as terrorist attacks, then at the least why are they not referred to as hate crimes with a contingent of DOJ Civil Rights officers interceding?

Jihad, Islamic extremism, and Islamic inspired acts of violence occur as a direct result of hatred towards other religions. Specifically the type of hatred defining a hate crime. We all know that political correctness would dictate a violent crime be classified as a hate crime if the shoe were on the other foot. Alas, political correctness does not have the stomach to call an Islamic inspired violent crime a hate crime. Why would it? Political correctness is not about providing equal liberty, rather it takes liberty from some and falsely gives it to others.

Hate crime designations should be abandoned because they are against all constitutional precepts of equal liberty and equal treatment. Justice cannot be blind if politically correct designations of hate cannot be applied universally for all. After all, hate is hate, and a violent crime is still a crime born of hate, deserving of no special treatment based on the traits of the perpetrator.

That’s where I stand. If I haven’t offended you, then I haven’t tried hard enough.