I was surprised and disappointed to learn the group known as the TEA Party Patriots endorsed Newt Gingrich over any of the small government, conservative candidates. They would have done better to sit it out rather than agree to support one of the only two Big Government  candidates.

For most Americans, the TEA Party has been synonymous with low taxes and small government. Neither Mitt Romney nor Newt Gingrich can qualify as small government types. Also, we all thought the people who associated with the TEA Party believed strongly in the U.S. Constitution. Neither of those two can qualify as defenders of the U.S. Constitution.  Both men have endorsed forced mandatory health insurance in the past.

Of course, I am already on record that Gingrich will not be the nominee as the Republican Establishment is busily at work destroying his candidacy along with the rest of the media.

Romney, on the other hand, does have the support of the Republican Establishment and of FOX News. But here’s something about Romney very few people are aware of. Romney favors a national sales tax on top of the present income tax.

So it was a big surprise, at least for me, to learn that TEA Party Patriots endorsed Newt Gingrich. Gingrich, all you readers should know, wants to do away with the mortgage deduction and local property tax deductions on his proposed Federal 15 per cent flat income tax.

The Republican primary season has been very difficult for true conservatives who were counting on a small government wave to sweep Obama from power. Everyone knows the national news media despises both the TEA Party and conservatives, especially Christian conservatives.

Perhaps Christian conservatives failed to understand that not everyone associated with the TEA Party are social conservatives, only fiscal conservatives. Still, the endorsement of Newt Gingrich, who is neither a fiscal nor a social conservative still doesn’t make any sense at all.

Conservatives still can put one of the truly conservative candidates on the ballot against Obama but they must stand firm against what the media and others are saying with regards as to who can win or who is the only one capable of beating Obama.

Abraham Lincoln said words to the effect that all of the people cannot be fooled all of the time. Sadly, I say that uninformed voters probably can be fooled all of the time.

I still support Governor Perry, and encourage others to join me in his support. Because of the conservative contenders, he’s the one with the most executive experience and the only one  who really knows how to defend the border with Mexico.  He’s also been the most elected and longest serving Governor of Texas.

Texas, by population, is the second largest state of the union.  Also, Texas has 37 electoral votes for those of you who have forgotten that the states actually elect the President based on electoral votes.

Most Presidents no longer are born in log cabins on the frontier. The closest one to it however is Rick Perry. Raised as the son of a tenant farmer in a home without running water, he is also one of the few Presidents who volunteered for military service.

In the future, how can we take the TEA Party seriously when they claim they’re advocates of small government? How can we believe they have any common sense when they agree with the media as to who is the most electable.?

I guess some of the people really can be fooled all of the time.