A Chair can be a very symbolic thing. Although we generally think of a chair simply as a piece of furniture to sit on, it can mean different things to different people. Certain chairs can be used to convey very specific messages or impressions.

For example, Clint Eastwood made a powerful statement when he talked to an empty chair at the Republican National Convention. A wheel chair brings to mind another clear image while a recliner or electric chair a totally different one.

President Obama has a very special chair. It is located in the White House Oval Office. This unique and historic chair represents the seat of power and authority of the United States. Two Presidents, George W. Bush and Barrack Obama, have governed from the current Concorde Presidential Office Chair.

We have all seen via the media, movies, and photographs different Presidents seated in the Presidential chair. This particular scene conjures up visions of power, authority, and strength. In the case of President Obama it also brings to mind the image of a throne because he acts more like a king than a President. Clint Eastwood might even say, “He is a monarch in his own mind.”

When we see or think of a President sitting in this chair we don’t usually think of the people who put him in it. But, under girding his lofty office, under his chair if you will, are all kinds of people who make it possible for him to sit there.

The Presidential chair isn’t magic. It has no power in itself. It is just a symbol. It represents power and authority.  If I sit in it I have no authority. I just get arrested. I have no right to be there, yet.

The big money people are the real power brokers. They work behind the scenes, usually lay low, and heavily influence elections. They generously fund the television ads, campaign expenses, advertising, marketing, donor dinners, etc. If their man wins, they usually have some, maybe a lot of influence over the President. Though invisible they are under the President’s chair.

Some of these power brokers are highly visible and well known to us such as George Soros. He, for one, has given millions of dollars to liberal causes and specifically to the Obama campaigns in both 2008 and in the current election cycle.

There are many more notables who have coughed up thousands to millions of more dollars to help him. One substantial list can be found here: http://query.nictusa.com/cgi-bin/dcdev/forms/C00495861/800623/sa/ALL. If you want to read a list of the many categories of Obama supporters check this link out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Barack_Obama_presidential_campaign_endorsements,_2012.

What concerns me the most though are the radical socialist/communist individuals and groups that support him. If the average voter really understood who is behind Obama they would run toward Romney in a sprint.

People generally support and hang out with others who believe as they do. This being true we can learn a lot about Obama from his friends. We already know that he hung out with Marxists and socialists almost exclusively his entire adult life before he ran for President in 2008. What does this say?

Here is a list of just a few of the radical Obama supporters including dictators that have announced their support for Obama:

The Communist Party in the United States of America (CPUSA)

Hugo Chavez, Communist leader of Venezuela

Raul Castro, Communist leader of Cuba

Vladimir Putin, Communist leader of Russia

Various leaders of socialist European countries


Would you want any of these people to declare support for you if you were running for public office? If they did endorse you would you not then renounce their support and quickly distance yourself from them? I would.

Let me expand on this point a little more. Suppose I was interviewed for a Christian pastorate position and during the interview process the board of elders  receives an endorsement from Satan stating, “Hey, I like this guy.” Shouldn’t this raise some questions? If not, I’m at the wrong church.

Or, What if I, being an ultra conservative, as I am, ran for office and was endorsed by the KKK or a Nazi group wouldn’t there be some concern, maybe some outrage? Wouldn’t the press camp out on my doorstep? Of course they would and they should.

Wasn’t Obama’s association with Rev. Jeremiah Wright an issue in 2008 just as it was with Bill Ayers, and other radicals? Why aren’t these types of endorsements an issue now? Are we just going to close our eyes and give him another pass? I still cannot understand why we ignored these things last go round.

If America still is a right of center country, radicalism should not be an option. So why do we have a radical candidate still rating almost 50% in popularity? Is it time to admit that America has already undergone a radical transformation and that it has moved far away from its founding principles? I’m beginning to think so.

Obama’s endorsements along with other developments keep bringing me back to these two critical questions: Who are we really? And, where do we think we are going?

Confucius says, “A man shall be judged by his Facebook and Twitter Friends.”