Using more than just “lady parts” to vote.
Check it out:

A few years ago, Sandra Fluke urged women in America to vote with our lady parts. At the 2012 Democrat Convention, actress Kerry Washington made it sound as if Republicans were elected, the Civil Rights Act would be repealed (even though a Republican controlled Congress passed it), women’s suffrage would be repealed (even though Republican controlled state legislatures passed it), and slavery would be re-enacted (even though the Republican Party was FOUNDED to abolish slavery.) Ms. Washington, too, encouraged women to vote with our lady parts.
Well, the Democrat Party must not think that women have any other lady parts besides the obvious ones. So here’s a list of my other various lady parts and what those parts care about.

My brain- Surprise! I have one! My brain is concerned about the way the Democrat Party treats women, because Democrats act like we DON’T have brains. Telling us that we have to let them vote for a massive healthcare bill – before knowing what is in it – is a tremendous insult to intelligence, not just to females but to everyone. Obamacare isn’t like an impulse purchase at the grocery store. It’s not a new candy bar that we haven’t tried, doesn’t cost much, or that we can get rid of easily if we don’t like. It affects one-sixth of our economy, not to mention people’s lives.

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