The perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings have been identified as two brothers from Chechnya. Their motive for the bombing is still unknown and as I write, the older of the two brothers is dead, killed in a shootout with the police, the second has been captured. During their rampage they killed an MIT officer sitting in his patrol car and critically wounded another. Thanks to tips by citizens the police were able to provide clear pictures of them, they cornered them and killed one in a shootout, the younger brother escaped but was captured after a massive manhunt..

The Water Town Police had the city on lockdown and the FBI have warned local residents that the remaining perpetrator was “armed and dangerous” and advised residents to remain in their homes and to not answer the door unless they are certain that it was an actual police officer knocking as they continued their door to door search.

The police have done an amazing job tracking down and identifying these terrorists. You, as a good citizen have remained indoors as directed by the authorities, but what happens if the remaining nut case had come busting through your front door? You don’t think he’s going to knock and ask your permission to stay in your home for a while do you? Chances are he is just going to break down the door, take you hostage and do whatever he pleases. What do you do in this case? Remember that Massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws on the books, and in a knee jerk reaction to the massacre in Newtown has passed even more restrictive laws that will prevent law- abiding citizens from obtaining guns to defend themselves, while doing nothing to prevent maniacs from killing them.

So there you sit at the mercy of a terrorist who has been declared “armed and dangerous”. You are defenseless, thanks to the “feel good but accomplish nothing policies” of your elected officials.

What are your options? Cower in fear, beg for mercy and then die. The police will then arrive at the scene, draw chalk marks around the bodies, put little markers around the spent shell casings and put you and your family in a body bag. Thank you Massachusetts, for keeping me from defending myself with your asinine and useless gun laws. Do you want to see how effective gun laws are? Look at Mexico where the ordinary citizens have been disarmed and only the drug lords and police have weapons

In the meantime, back at the ranch, the politician who voted for the laws to disarm you is working on his next priority – getting re-elected so he can continue to feed out of the public trough while surrounded by bodyguards.

So, maybe it’s time to tell these politicians to go to hell. During the next election do everything in your power to ensure they find themselves on the unemployment line after having been replaced with people who realize they were elected to be servants of the people, not their masters.

Arm yourself, go out and get yourself a gun. You have a God given right to defend yourself and your family. To hell with the law. Get it any way you can. It’s better to be judged by twelve than carried by six !

Is it better to die on your feet or live on your knees?