Since the election of President Emomali Rahmon in 1994, Tajikistan has seen many inconceivable changes to legislation that are nearly unheard of in such a major Muslim country.

Of the 8.2 million citizens, at least 98 percent are Muslim. But this hasn’t deterred the young republic from preventing intolerant, violent, medieval Sharia law from terrorizing the masses.

Tajikistan’s secular government is cracking down on Islamist in order to prevent the spread of dangerous Islamic values and culture that threaten to eradicate all other groups. It’s widely believed that the 2005 parliamentary elections were manipulated by Rahmon to secure a more secular parliament, but whatever the case, the results are cracking down on Islamic terrorism and Muslims in general.

With efforts that are seen as an anti-Islam campaign, Tajikistan is seeing legislation that is forcing demanding Muslims to assimilate, whether they want to or not.

Political correctness aside, Tajikistan’s Rahmon has officially directed parliament to pass a bill that will refuse registration of names that sound “too Arabic,” the Tribune reports.

Official Jaloliddin Rahimov said, “After the adoption of these regulations, the registry offices will not register names that are ‘incorrect’ or ‘alien’ to the local culture, including names denoting objects, flora and fauna, as well as names of Arabic origin.”

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