It is hard to believe that my first semester of my senior year of college is almost over. I remember being a freshman, wearing my dorm room keys on a lanyard around my neck, to now having my keys to my off campus house. I have watched my friends graduate before me and unlike previous years where seniors are filled with excitement to move out of their parents home, find a job, and start a life in the real world, these graduates seem more hesitant and even scared about the future.

This really hit me when I was in my public relations class, my professor was going around getting to know the students in my class, and every time she asked a senior what their plans were for next year each one had no idea. Some of the seniors would say, “oh I am still exploring”, or just outright say “they have no idea”. For someone like me this really frightens me; I had busted my butt off working an internship every semester I had been at college to make sure I would have a job when I graduated. But for some of these kids it did not even phase them, there were OK with moving home, not looking for a job, and trying to pretend the jobs were going to come to them. News flash for those individuals, sitting on the sidelines and waiting for opportunities to come to you, is not going to get you anywhere.

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