I certainly agree that Ahmed, the clock boy, is a delinquent. He has an elitist attitude that is common among certain Islamists who feel their religion and their way of life elevates them above others. Add to that the boy is bright and crafty and you have someone who could be very dangerous. Where I differ on this is that I believe he is more than this. From the beginning, I have conjectured that his father put him up to this. His father is connected to CAIR and has returned to the Sudan to run for the presidency there. He has railed against Pastor Terry Jones in Florida for destroying Qurans as well. He has also vociferously debated Robert Spender on Islamophobia. The ‘clock’ incident was a gambit… a probe. It was meant to test the limits of the school system and open the legal door for law suits, so diversity and Islamic concessions could be forced on the school system. It was meant to paint Muslims as victims and engender sympathy. Ahmed’s ploy was also blatantly transparent in its machinations.

From the Conservative Tribune:

Ahmed “Bomb-Clock” Mohamed has been a celebrity for a little while now, feted by luminaries such as President Barack Obama.

He’s also gained a lot of negative attention from those who have been paying attention to the particulars of the story — namely, that the clock he “invented” was just a pulled-apart digital clock designed to resemble a bomb that could be assembled by any moron in under a minute, and that he was deliberately obstinate and non-responsive when police interviewed him.

Those particulars got a bit thicker after a profile published in the Dallas Morning News on Sunday revealed that Mohamed was a troublemaker with a history of calling attention to himself and deliberate provocation of school officials.

In the profile, the Morning News described Mohamed as having “racked up weeks of suspension” at Sam Houston Middle School for pranks and acting out, including building a remote to “prank the classroom projector” and getting into fights.

“While (Mohamed’s) discipline record is confidential and his father didn’t want to discuss it, the file was thick by some accounts,” the Morning News wrote.

A retired educator who knew Mohamed well called him “a weird little kid.”

“He was a weird little kid,” retired Irving, Texas teacher Ralph Kubiak told the paper. “I saw a lot of him in me. That thirst for knowledge … he’s one of those kids that could either be CEO of a company or head of a gang.”

Kubiak also described an incident in which Mohamed tried to get out of trouble by reciting the First Amendment in the principal’s office when asked questions (the scheme didn’t work). He also relayed an odd incident that happened when he called Mohamed after his arrest.

“I told you one day I’m going to be — and you told me yourself — I’m going to be really big on the Internet one day,” Mohamed told Kubiak during the phone call.

These details paint a serial troublemaker who was acting out and dealt with the same way that any other student in the situation would be. He may not be dangerous, but he certainly isn’t what the media has been portraying him as.

It’s time to stop using a petty miscreant as the face of Islamophobia.

The clock was fake, but it was certainly intended to engender panic as passing for a bomb. That would set everything in motion and it did. But this wasn’t a plot conceived by Ahmed. It was cooked up by his father and CAIR. I’m certain of it. Now, I hear his family is traveling to Qatar to schmooze with Islamists. The school should not cave to lawyers over this and I am pretty sure the mayor of that city will sue the family. At least, I hope so. Obama has showered praise on this kid… he has been given computers and 3D printers by Microsoft… he has been approached by ivy league schools… and his family is making money off this. It is a classic Islamic power play and people are buying it. Don’t. They are patient and this is what they do. They go from school to school… institution to institution… court to court… until they impose the principles of Islam on all parts of society and force them to submit to their religion and Shariah Law. We are being played.