Can all of the real men in this country please stand up? You there, not so fast. Anyone who’s read my op-eds here on knows just how much I hate the systematic destruction of man in modern America. No, I’m not just talking about the hyper-metrosexualization of young men, I’m talking about the role of man in modern society as a whole. For real men everywhere, these are some dark times.

All right, so you’ve probably heard of Oxygen network’s deplorable new reality series “All My Babies.” In it, a seemingly testicleless man (who goes by the hilariously terrible, self-given moniker of “Shawty-Lo”) lives a life devoid of respect for women, himself and even the concept of manhood in general.

The show follows Shawty… all right, I’m sorry, Mr. Carlos Walker. The charlatan’s name is Carlos Walker, and I will refer to him as such from this sentence forward. Dummy.

The show follows Carlos Walker as he juggles a life of eleven children whom he’s fathered with ten different women. Charmer.

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