It’s been a season-long tradition for Nicholas Fant to drop to one knee and offer a two-second prayer before his wrestling matches.

But on Tuesday, that two-second prayer got the Wake Forest-Rolesville High School student in trouble.
Fant was about to compete in the 220-pound class in the first round of the North Carolina playoffs. He jogged to the center of the mat, took and knee, prayed and was then cited by the referee.

The referee hit Fant with a stalling warning for delaying the match – a charge that cost the high school wrestler a point. The junior wrestler eventually lost the match.

Sam Hershey, the high school’s wrestling coach, was not happy with the call – and neither were fans.
He said he would not comment but would inquire about the spirit of the rule and its implementation. He said he wouldn’t report the official’s decision to the N.C. High School Athletic Association.
NCHSAA Commissioner David Whitfield told Fox News the referee made the right call.

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