It is so easy to get caught up in the internecine feuding of Republican presidential candidates that we lose sight of the big picture and forget that the real problem is Obama and leftwing members of Congress rather than Romney, Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum.  While the Republican presidential hopefuls are doing their best to demonize each other, conservative Americans should stay focused on what is at stake in the 2012 elections and proceed accordingly.  The 2012 Presidential and Congressional elections might turn out to be the most important in the history of America.

Consider what is likely to happen if Obama wins re-election and retains control of the Senate (heaven forbid that he regains control of the House of Representatives):

  • Obamacare will remain in place and will make it to the magic 11th year when the real costs begin to show up in the federal budget.
  • Illegal immigration will be handled in a way that turns illegals into a major constituency of the Democrat party—a constituency whose members are not required to produce a picture ID in order to vote.
  • Government spending will continue until the United States finally defaults on its debt and becomes just another province of China.
  • Taxes will steadily increase in an attempt to pay the interest on a national debt that is out of control.
  • Job killing federal regulations will proliferate at an increasing rate until the federal government controls every minute of every American’s life.
  • As regulations and taxes increase unemployment will rise correspondingly.
  • Supreme Court justices will retire or die and be replaced by new judges who are even more leftwing in their thinking—“living Constitution” advocates who see it as their right to legislate from the bench.

By the end of a second Obama term, the United States of America will be the Union of American Socialist States.  There is some good news in this bleak picture.  By the end of a second Obama term, America will finally have an official national language.  Unfortunately, it will be Chinese.