Hillary Clinton’s legal woes are certainly not over after her failed bid for the presidency, according to statements by a government oversight committee.


Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal is far from over, according to a government oversight committee.

While many on the left have attempted to downplay the severity of Clinton’s actions, the fact still remains that the former Secretary of State acted wildly inappropriately during her time in office.  A multitude of incriminating emails have surfaced that not only implicate Clinton in pay-to-play schemes with foreign dignitaries, but also outlined a far-reaching collusion with the DNC to effectively block the nomination of anyone but herself.

Now that the election is over, many believed that Clinton would be left alone.  New reports state that that isn’t so.

“’Just because there was a political election doesn’t mean it goes away, so of course I am going to continue to pursue that,’ the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform stated Monday, according to NBC News.

“Chaffetz along with other House members have been actively pursuing potential perjury chargesagainst the former Secretary of State, believing she willfully lied regarding her private email server during congressional testimony on the Benghazi debacle in 2015.

“’It was potentially one of the largest breaches in security in the history of the State Department. It cannot and should not be repeated ever again,’ Chaffetz told reporters. ‘There are still open questions that we need to finish up so they won’t happen again.’”

This will come as great news to republicans who have been clamoring for justice in the case for months, after the FBI failed to recommend charges for the corrupt Washington elitist.

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