Hillary Clinton’s message on guns has been loud and clear in the last five years. Her most recent comments fit the same old trend.
Check it out:

Possibly the most peculiar aspect of National Journal’s coverage of this all-too-typical communication from Hillary Clinton is that it starts with the following:

Hillary Clinton has mostly steered clear of contentious domestic political issues in recent years…
It expands on this a few paragraphs later:

When she ran for president in 2008, Clinton spoke about the need for “balance” in gun laws, but she has been able to avoid the issue since it dominated the national political debate after the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in late 2012. She was secretary of State at the time of the massacre, a position that kept her out of domestic politics.

So we know this is going to be a puff piece. Technically, the wording may be correct. But it ignores completely two (or even three) major gun-related issues from Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state. And it seems to suggest that she hasn’t had to address the topic of guns since 2008, when she found it profitable to take Obama to task for his “bitter clinger” remarks, and depicted herself as a junior gun-woman, learning to shoot under her grandfather’s tutelage, and then, during her time as a first lady in Arkansas, “shooting ducks.”

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