Hillary Clinton is running for president by running away from public appearances that are not carefully staged, scripted, and choreographed by her protective staff. Journalists trying to get an interview with the elusive candidate resemble nothing more than a pack of dogs chasing a car, except in this case the occupant of the Scooby-Doo van is their prey. With her entire trip carefully choreographed, the most substantial headline to come out of Iowa concerning the candidate has been “Hillary Clinton eats a burrito.” Because of her failures as a U.S. Senator and more recently as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has been forced to run a campaign that is heavy on stagecraft but light on issues; a strategy that will soon wear thin with even her most ardent supporters in the mainstream media.

Mrs. Clinton has hired some of the most savvy media experts in the world to choreograph her campaign. They are good, but she presents them with an unusual challenge. Clinton’s handlers have to figure out how to get their candidate elected president without exposing her to pesky voters, inquiring journalists, or anyone else who might ask inconvenient questions. What questions? Here are just a few she is dodging: “Mrs. Clinton, can you name anything of significance you accomplished as a Senator or as Secretary of State?”; “Mrs. Clinton, how much money did your foundation receive from foreign governments while you were Secretary of State?”; or, worse yet, “Mrs. Clinton, I am having trouble hiding my emails from my boss—can you give me any pointers?” So far Hillary’s handlers have put on a show worthy of an Oscar, but they face a real problem in the long run: As a presidential candidate, Mrs. Clinton makes a better impression when she doesn’t show up.

Hillary Clinton has to walk so many fine lines as she campaigns for president it would take a score card to keep up with all of them. In fact, her entire campaign could be undermined by just a few carefully worded questions. Hence, her reluctance to participate in anything but choreographed events. But you cannot win a fight without getting into the ring. Eventually Mrs. Clinton will have to stop running away, put on the gloves, and show the American electorate who she really is. That’s a real problem because what the electorate will learn is that she is a self-serving hypocrite who is willing to say and do anything to become president. Even with the mainstream media on her side she can’t fool everyone forever.

Her scripted campaign in Iowa illustrates just how manipulative and hypocritical Hillary Clinton can be. According to Robert Bryce of The Daily Beast, “…the issue that best exposes Clinton’s enormous ambition—and her readiness to sacrifice the interests of consumers to that ambition—is her flip-flop on the corn ethanol tax. No other active, high-profile American politician has been as duplicitous on a basic pocketbook issue as Clinton has been on this one. The corn ethanol tax, which was proposed by Congress last decade and is formally known as the Renewable Fuel Standard, now costs American motorists $10 billion per year in additional fuel costs.”

When she was in the Senate, Clinton was a vocal opponent of the ethanol tax claiming it would add “an astonishing new anti-consumer government mandate…” She and several of her Senate colleagues were the ones who labeled the Renewable Fuel Standard a “new gasoline tax.” She and they were right. But according to Bryce, “When she set her sights on the White House and realized she had to kowtow—just as Barack Obama was doing—to big corn in Iowa, she flipped like a hotcake.” She now hypocritically equates the ethanol requirement with weaning America from foreign oil. Clinton conveniently forgets to mention that America is already able to meet most of its energy needs without foreign oil and could do so completely and in short order if she and her liberal colleagues in government would end their war on coal, gas, and oil.

Hillary’s plan appears to be to switch positions on the issues depending on where she is at any given moment and what her current audience wants to hear. She is counting on the mainstream media to cooperate in a campaign-long cover-up that will allow her to get away with this nefarious tactic. Even for someone who is a darling of the liberal media this might be expecting too much. Most presidential candidates do best when they decide to just be who they are and let the voters see them in that light, but not Hillary. She is one of those candidates who wears thin the more you hear and see of her. In reality she is a thin-skinned, quick tempered, self-serving, blindly-ambitious, flip-flopper who is not above using her own grandchild as a prop to bolster her political ambitions. Clinton will eventually have to stop dodging the voters and journalists. When this happens, even her most ardent supporters are going to wish she had stayed in hiding. Her husband was able to charm even the most hostile crowds, but not Hillary. She has the charm of nails grating on a blackboard and can alienate even the most friendly audience.