Barring a miracle, Mitt Romney will be the Republican candidate to run against President Obama.  Like many conservatives, this fact has left me disappointed, frustrated, and even a little disillusioned.  How can it be that the party of Ronald Reagan—the man who started the conservative revolution that turned Democrats into Republicans—would continue to choose milquetoast RINOS such as John McCain and Mitt Romney as presidential candidates?  Does the Republican establishment not understand the reasons behind the success of Ronald Reagan?

When Reagan decided to label the Soviet Union an “evil empire,” his staff and the Republican establishment tried to talk him out of it.  But Reagan knew what he was doing, and his words had the intended effect on the Soviet leaders.  When Reagan decided that in an upcoming speech in Berlin he would say “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall,” the timid Republican establishment once again tried to talk him out of it. Predictably, history proved Reagan right and the party establishment wrong.  When Reagan announced his plans for what came to be known as “Star Wars,” only the leftwing media cried louder than the Republican establishment. But Reagan knew what he was doing and stuck to his guns.  Once again Reagan’s vision had the desired effect and, as a result, his successor in the Oval Office had the good fortunate to preside over the downfall of the Soviet Union.

Here is the lesson that is staring the Republican establishment in the face but they cannot see: Reagan won and won big because he spoke for the majority of Americans who still believe in limited government, less taxation, a free market economy, personal responsibility, individual liberty, and traditional American values.  He did not worry about insulting liberals or turning off independents.  He took strong, courageous stands for an America most Americans still wanted to believe in. He reached out to everyday Americans who felt their voice was no longer heard by establishment insiders and let them know they had a friend in the White House.

The Republican establishment appears to have forgotten that Ronald Reagan won the White House and the Cold War because of his boldness and certitude, not in spite of it.  Like Romney, Reagan had been governor of a liberal state.  But unlike Romney he had governed as a conservative.  Consequently, when he ran for the presidency Reagan did not have to waste time on the campaign trail making excuses for liberal policies passed during his governorship or trying to convince Americans that he really was conservative.  Nor did he have to worry about his Democrat opponent claiming “you’re no different than me.”  Reagan was clearly different than his opponent.

The Republican establishment did it with John McCain and has done it again with Mitt Romney—chosen a RINO as its presidential candidate.  But in spite of my frustration with the situation, come November I am going to hold my nose and vote for Romney. For readers who find this revelation shocking, I will explain.  I have three good reasons for holding my nose and voting for Mitt Romney in November, and here they are in order of importance: 1) He is not Barack Obama, 2) He is not Barack Obama, and 3) He is not Barack Obama.  I submit that these three reasons are reason enough.