How can members of Hollywood’s elite sleep at night when they are so staggeringly full of double standards?

You likely remember the moral outrage which exploded out of the entertainment community shortly after the horrible Sandy Hook massacre. Hollywood was beside itself at the time with righteous indignation, so convincingly expressed in the now famous “Demand a Plan” video featuring various celebutante stars and starlets who called on Americans to petition the government to come up with a plan to prevent another Sandy Hook from ever happening again.

In the midst of the world on fire and the government rife with corruption and scandal, you are likely asking yourself what prompted me to dig up and talk about this old news. Well, I was driving to my office this morning and passed by a city bus emblazoned with a poster advertising two of Tinseltown’s biggest stars, Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, boldly brandishing heat in the new action-adventure film aptly titled 2 Guns. Standard Hollywood fare this movie is likely to be, with the lead characters having heavy metal pieces virtually welded to their trigger hands. I probably wouldn’t have paid any special attention to the 2 Guns promo, except that I spotted it right on the heals of gun-toting advertisements for a couple of other similarly loaded cinematic summer gems. The first of these other celluloid offerings is R.I.P.D. (which stands for “Rest in Peace Department”) starring lock-stock-and-two-smoking-barrels afterlife cops Jeff Bridges and Ryan Reynolds; the second film is the blow-‘em-up, anti-America-diatribe fantasy White House Down featuring a Greek-sculpted and clearly weaponized Channing Tatum and his co-star, mister “Demand a Plan” himself, the un-gun shy Jamie Foxx.

“Hmm,” I thought. “Didn’t Mr. Foxx and roughly twenty other stars not six months ago urge us to demand a plan to stop gun violence in America?”

I went on with this internal rhetorical dialogue. “Don’t these actors recognize the fantastic degree of hypocrisy they’re displaying by glorifying guns in not only their films but in the accompanying advertisements that prominently display guns on billboards and bus sides where innocent children can see them and perhaps be desensitized to the dangers of guns?”

And I concluded with a question that can only be answered by God himself (or perhaps a very good psychoanalyst), “How can these folks muster the gumption to ‘demand a plan’ to address gun violence when they make millions of dollars entertaining their audience through exploitative representations of gun violence?”

I was staggered by the outlandish degree of intellectual disconnect that Hollywood displays in this arena.

Americans can sympathize with the some of the sentiment expressed in the “Demand a Plan” infomercial. We recognize that something must be done to stop any such evil carnage as occurred in Newtown, Connecticut from being carried out again among the innocents of our fair land. But discerning Americans can also easily see the real agenda below the surface of this video.
“Demand a Plan” was not a call to provide more mental health care and preventive intervention services to disturbed individuals who are prone to commit heinous, Sandy Hook-like atrocities.

It was not a call to teach more Americans about the 2nd Amendment or train them in proper firearm safety.

It was not a call to hire more police officers or increase security in our schools, malls, and churches.

It was not a call for more responsible entertainment products that promote peace, family values, or respect for God and country to be delivered to the marketplace.

“Demand a Plan” was instead an emotionally charged euphemism for Hollywood’s desire to see sweeping, self-congratulatory, look-at-us-we-did-something-for-the-children gun control laws enacted, offered as penance for the continuing hypocrisy of pumping out gun-porn box office grabbers where bullet-riddled violence is as much a draw for the audience as the actors are themselves.

Perhaps America would have jumped on the Hollywood bandwagon behind Jamie Foxx, Jason Bateman, Jessica Alba, et al in the “Demand a Plan” movement if these celebrities weren’t so blatantly disconnected from reality in their calls for a gun control plan. But our nation has not lost all its ability to reason and we recognize that the gun control advocated by “Demand a Plan” would do little more than to effectively disarm the good guys in our society and while concurrently empowering more of the bad guys to do exactly what Hollywood claims it wants to see curtailed.

Essentially, Hollywood tells us with one side of its mouth, “We hate gun violence in real life so the government should outlaw guns.” And then from the other side it says, “But we are going to revel in as much onscreen gun violence as we like–and make lots of money doing it–because our audience is so responsible that they know the difference between fantasy violence and real violence.” These artists are supremely confident that Americans can parse right from wrong, good from evil, fact from fiction, when they have paid $12 for a ticket to sit in a movie theater for a couple of hours, but these same bitter clingers can’t be trusted to have such discernment if they have access to actual guns. In the minds of the Hollywood elite, the mere presence of actual, physical guns and concomitant gun rights cause Americans to become stark raving mad and driven to mass murder…

But of course the tens of millions of responsible gun owners from Tacoma to Topeka to Tampa who didn’t go on a rampage today testify to the contrary…

In a response video titled “Demand a Plan HYPOCRITES”, the creator placed a freeze frame of almost every entertainer who appeared in the “Demand a Plan” video in a movie scene or photograph in which he or she appeared toting a gun.

And just a half year removed from Sandy Hook, some of our favorite thespians are filling the silver screen with bullets galore in 2 Guns, R.I.P.D., and White House Down.

Don’t these celebrities ever wonder whether their onscreen antics with guns might possibly contribute to a mindset that enhances the problem of gun violence in America?

Don’t they think the cinematic orgies of bullets and dead bodies may have an influence on the disturbed individuals such as the Sandy Hook murderer?

Don’t they think that after putting out “Demand a Plan” it might set a bad example and appear just a tad contradictory to trot out such shoot-‘em-up fare as 2 Guns, R.I.P.D., and White House Down?

I guess not…So long as their paychecks clear…

I’m just sayin’…