I heard God’s Word wafting across the Capitol Mall on my recent trip to Washington D.C. on the 4th of July and my spiritually hungry ears perked up!  I was drawn to the stage where a man named Mark was holding a Bible and preaching.  I was so happy  because I was looking for Christ in our Capital and there He was.   Even the Hare Krishna tent could hear the gospel.  Mark was very kind to let me interview him.  He told me that two years ago he was homeless.  I was  happy to see how God  was using him to bless others.  I  respect his boldness and faith.  My friend Jannique and I asked him about politics and he told me that when he was homeless a big van pulled up and they told him to vote for Obama.  I assume he was asked to fill out an absentee ballot.   I asked him if he was given money for this and he said no.

This reeks  of “ACORN” to me.  You remember the story of their voter fraud – offering people on the street cigarettes or money if they’d fill out a voter absentee ballot to vote for Obama?  The forms that said “Mickey Mouse” on them?  The dead people who voted for Obama?

We can’t afford any shenanigans in the upcoming 2012 election.  We need to fill the polling booths with honest watchdogs.   We must get involved.  I called my local voting place and asked if I could be a ”poll volunteer.”  They told me that I had to be trained and there was no money in the budget to train new volunteers.   Really?  I’ve noticed that old hippies guard the polls and I don’t trust them.  So, I will be pushing this issue in my small town.  I will be a poll volunteer.  Invited or uninvited.