What we used to say when we were little kids, instead of “Oh, no you don’t!” We just thought it was funny and it was one of the millions of ways to give your friends crap to show friendship, display bravado, or just goof around like all kids do.

We’ve sure have come a long way:
Today, a little kid would be kicked out of school, forced into therapy, placed on a list of sexual predators, his parents investigated, be condemned and castigated by the media and have a permanent, negative file which will follow the child for who knows how long or where.

Would this affect his ability to make a living later in life or to get into college? Will he have a red flag at the NSA, the IRS, or perhaps the good folks at ObamaCare? After all, the child is clearly sick if he would feel the urge to use the phrase, “homo, you don’t!” wouldn’t he?

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