AIDS Healthcare Foundation President Michael Weinstein has said that Dr. Walsh’s statements are cause to exclude him from public office.
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“The freedom of worship” has become another mindless and meaningless mantra of the Left. By this, they mean to banish faith to our hearts, homes and houses of worship. Aside from the glaring flaws associated with such a limited understanding of our First Amendment religious protections, a recent incident has revealed that even this dangerously narrow view is under assault.

Michael Beck, City Manager in Pasadena, California, announced Thursday that Public Health Director Dr. Eric Walsh had been placed indefinitely on paid administrative leave following the discovery of online videos of sermons that Walsh had preached, which were considered to be critical of homosexuality, Islam and evolution.

An associate pastor at a local Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Altadena, Dr. Eric Walsh became Pasadena’s Public Health Director in 2010. The City Manager has stated that the city officials need time to assess the impact of these newly disclosed statements

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