I have stopped debating homosexuals concerning their lifestyle and even the issue of same-sex marriage. Why? It is because in most cases homosexuals and I are speaking two different languages. It finally dawned on me that presenting my case on the basis of Biblical proscription is like speaking a foreign language to people who do not believe in Holy Scripture and have no intention of heeding its admonitions. People who think it is right to do something simply because they want to do it cannot be reasoned with. Therefore, when it comes to discussions with those who advocate on behalf of the homosexual agenda, we will just have to agree to disagree. This said, I will and do still debate with people who claim to be homosexuals and Christians.

At a recent same-sex-marriage rally one individual held a sign that read: “I am gay and a Christian.” I was taken aback by the sign. In fact, I can remember thinking “Hold on here—gay and Christian? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?” Making such a claim is akin to saying, “I am an adulterer and a faithful spouse.” But apparently, acknowledging the validity of gay “Christians” is the next big goal of the homosexual community. Gays believe they have already won the same-sex-marriage debate and, frankly, they are probably right—at least for the time being. Although, I do believe they are overplaying their hand by forcing businesses to go out of business and are going to eventually create a backlash that won’t be pretty.

So the functional question then becomes this: Can an individual be a committed homosexual and a committed Christian? After thinking this one over for a while, I have come to the conclusion that committed homosexual and committed Christian are not just contradictory terms, they are mutually exclusive. An individual can certainly be a wayward Christian and a homosexual, just as a thief, adulterer, and any other sinner can. But sinners who claim to be a Christians while refusing to acknowledge their sins and refusing to repent of them are just fooling themselves. So-called Christians who simply ignore those inconvenient parts of the Bible that clearly proscribe the choices they are making in life as well as those who distort the Word of God so they can claim what they know is wrong to be right may fool themselves and others, but they are not fooling God. The teachings of Holy Scripture and the lifestyles of homosexuals are clearly at odds and no amount of social pressure, government coercion, political correctness, or blatant bullying can change this fact. The Bible’s teaching on homosexuality is clear and cannot be ignored by those who claim to be Christians—homosexuals or heterosexuals.

Homosexual advocates in the church like to claim that 40 percent of young evangelicals now support same-sex-marriage. True, but this fact changes nothing. It just reinforces what we already know: 1) Most Christian families have allowed their children to spend 12 years absorbing anti-Christian, multi-cultural propaganda in the nation’s public schools and now the chickens are coming home to roost in the church, 2) A lot of churches have allowed themselves to become watered-down quasi-religious social clubs instead of the bride of Christ on earth—clubs that take their guidance from society rather than the Bible, and 3) Because they grew up in a society that views the concepts of right and wrong as matters of personal interpretation rather than absolutes, a lot of young people have not learned how to say “no” to what is wrong or even how to determine what is right or wrong.

Young “Christians” who have been taught in the public schools to approve of homosexuality and pretty much anything else that people choose to do have not yet gained the wisdom that can come only with time and experience. But even if they never gain this wisdom, the hard truth is that what they believe does not matter. After all, since when did Christ put God’s Word to a vote? When it comes to the establishment of morality, there is only one vote and that vote belongs to God. Unfortunately, the favorable attitudes of young evangelicals toward homosexuality are just evidence of the false teaching they have received in public schools and the weak teaching they have received in churches that are governed by the whims of man rather than the unchanging tenets of Scripture.

The teachings of Scripture are not dependent on the ever-changing social mores outside the church or within it. People do not get to vote on which passages of the Bible they will accept and which they will reject, nor does it matter if they like or agree with what the Bible teaches on a given topic. God is the authority in these matters. We are not. He gave us the Bible so that we could know where He stands on difficult issues such as homosexuality, and the Bible is clear concerning where God stands on this subject. Churches that allow themselves to be swayed by the ever-changing values of a fickle society have ceased to be churches are now just quasi-religious social clubs for individuals who can be led like sheep by multicultural charlatans and feel-good secular humanists.

It would not matter if 100 percent of evangelical Christians came to accept homosexuality. The Bible is the Word of God, not a set of man-made by-laws that can be amended by a majority vote of church members. If you want Democracy, go to the polls and vote. If you want to call yourself a Christian read the Bible and live according to its unchanging principles. Either God is the authority in the church or man is. Churches that have given in to ever-shifting societal norms and are pronouncing homosexuality an acceptable lifestyle have ceded the rule of God to man. The central problem with this approach should be obvious even to non-believers: When an individual claims that man is God what he really means is that he—the individual—is God. This is secular humanists are always feuding among themselves—every one of them thinks he is God.

Those who try to claim that Christianity and homosexuality are compatible concepts have started down a path that leads to a treacherously slippery slope. If individuals can determine what is right and wrong on the basis of nothing more than their own self-gratification, what is the next sin that will be declared acceptable by those who claim to be Christians? Will it be adultery, murder, stealing, child pornography, polygamy? If societal trends are the benchmark for determining right and wrong, then anything goes. In fact, look around you. The rapes, robberies, murders, drugs, child molestations, divorces, out-of-wedlock children, fatherless families, and other problems that plague modern society are what we get when the Word of God is supplanted by the norms of man.

There are now pastors who try to defend pandering to the homosexual community by making such claims as homosexuality is no different than lying, adultery, or any other sin. They are right, of course, but not in the way they intend to be. The difference is simple. Of course there are adulterers, liars, and thieves in the church. Churches are, after all, made up of sinful people. But the difference is that no one in the church is claiming that adultery, lying, or stealing are acceptable lifestyles. Church members who are caught in adultery, lying, stealing, or other sins—including pastors—are expected to acknowledge the error of their ways, repent, and sin no more. This is not what is being expected of so-called homosexual “Christians.” Homosexuals in the church are not admitting that their chosen lifestyle is sinful then repenting and sinning no more. Rather, they are ignoring the Bible and claiming that their chosen lifestyle is perfectly acceptable in the eyes of God; something Governor Mike Huckabee claims requires “more imagination than Pixar.”

Churches that are sanctioning the non-Biblical claims of their homosexual members are guilty of practicing cafeteria Christianity. They are choosing those parts of the Bible they like and ignoring those parts they don’t. Again, they might get by with fooling themselves, but they are not fooling God. A day of reckoning is coming for those who ignore that passage in Scripture that cautions man against trying to change even one letter of God’s Word. Further, we are admonished to believe the entire Word of God, not just the convenient passages that comport with our chosen lifestyles.

The homosexual community appears to be winning its war on Christianity for the time being—at least as judged by the standards of man. But God does not judge by the standards of man. He has His own set of standards and they are immutable and never-changing. God does not care how an issue is covered on the nightly news or in the morning newspaper, nor does He care how Congress votes on that issue. Homosexuals who claim to be Christians should learn this lesson right now because if they don’t they will surely learn it later.