Probably it’s bad luck to say, even inside your own head, that something is a shoo-in. Ask ex-CIA Director George Tenet about that. Nevertheless, I think the GOP is likely to end up with control of both houses of the US legislature, counter-balanced against the empty suit in the White House, after the upcoming election.

Here is my only question: what difference will it make? And that is a genuine question, not a snarky one. What difference will it make if the GOP wins?

Will it mean they repeal Obamacare and force Obama to veto it? Will it mean they establish a much better alternative that allows the full power of the market to reign over health insurance? Will the Congress even do so little as to begin to dismantle pieces of that legislation?

Does it mean our representatives will demand a Special Prosecutor to investigate political abuse of the IRS? How about looking into the Justice Department and Operation Fast and Furious?

In the Armed Services, will the legislature push for an end to the queering of the military? Will they ensure that the chaplains have absolute freedom of conscience? Will they push for the examination of all military-issued literature for evidence of propagandizing certain points of view?

Here’s another one: will the Legislature issue legislation that prohibits the active participation in national political campaigns of employees of the Federal government?

Will the US Congress bring forth legislation providing the exact same kinds of special protections to Christians as it extends to homosexuals? Will hate crimes against Christians be subject to heavy punishment? Will they call for the cessation of Executive Branch persecution of religious believers in favor of atheism?

How about our children — will we return education to the hands of our communities and allow them to determine if the highly ideological content of today’s “lessons” is acceptable for transmission to little children? Will we let them determine if they want sexual orientation of their children in the classroom? Will we abolish the Department of Education? Will they kill Common Core?

Does it mean they will immediately demand that President Obama call for the release of US Marine Sgt. Tahmooressi from a Mexican jail, in exchange for the 40 million or so illegal aliens we have admitted to this country?

Will they push for nation-wide voter identification cards that are as hard to forge as the US dollar? Will they actively pursue prosecution of people not eligible to vote who vote once or even many times?

Does it mean that the legislature will forward a draft bill to stipulate that marriage is an issue that is up to the States (the citizens) and not the federal Government or the courts?

In foreign policy, does it mean the USG will stop arming, training and funding proxy mercenary groups to destabilize other countries?

Does it mean the USG will start to weigh its vital interests before waging war or imposing punitive sanctions on other countries?

I could go on and on. But I won’t. I’m happy to see the Democrats defeated at the polls, they deserve a massive thumpin’, but I’m not cheering at the GOP victory. I voted a straight Republican ticket, was there any other serious choice? It didn’t elate me the way it once did. Our Party leadership insulted the Party’s conservative core over and over in the past couple of years and I resent it. And it is filled with the timid and vested interests and all the Establishment trappings that we all have come so much to despise.

It all comes down to this: does voting even matter if nobody changes anything? We shall see.