The new Republican majority. That sounded so sexy mere weeks ago, but John Boehner and his minions have a way of taking the life out of things.

With a total of 408 votes cast today at the beginning of the 114th Congress, Boehner received 216 to Democrat Nancy Pelosi’s 164. Daniel Webster of Florida led all Republican altenatives to Boehner with 12, followed by Louie Gohmert with 3, Ted Yoho with 2 and Jim Jordan with 2.

Iowa House Republicans were 2 for 3 in a failed attempt to unseat Boehner as Speaker. Steve King and newcomer Rod Blum voted for Webster of while David Young was David Young and voted for the status quo.

A total of 25 Republicans voted for someone other than Boehner. Some notable GOP sellouts to Boehner include Mia Love of Utah, Matt Salmon of Arizona, Jody Hice of Georgia and Jim Jordan of Ohio. To that end, Steve Deace is sharpening his jawbone of an ass as we speak.

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