House Republican leaders are quietly working with Mitt Romney’s campaign to fashion a unified GOP health care platform to replace President Obama’s health law, according to lawmakers involved in the effort.

Hill Republicans said coordinating with Mr. Romney, who is the party’s presumptive presidential nominee, boosts the chances that the two sides can avoid clashing over one of the big issues of the fall campaign but it ups the chances that the House GOP will miss its self-imposed June deadline for rolling out its alternative to Mr. Obama’s blueprint.

“From the policy perspective, we can do all these great things, but if [Mr. Romney‘s] not on the same page with us, then that’s a recipe for political disaster,” Rep. Phil Gingrey, Georgia Republican and a medical doctor who sponsored the medical-malpractice reform the House passed in March, told The Washington Times. “So, clearly, there has to be some coordination on all of that.”

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